Women Taking on Home Remodeling


Home remodeling isn’t just for men anymore. Women are now taking on this movement with vigor and taking on more positions that are involved with contracting and carpentry than ever before. For decades, men oversaw the hard labor while women took on the more delicate job of interior design. But, with the turn of the century, fewer women are hanging up the curtains and more are hanging up the drywall.

The Feminist Movement Paved the Way for Women to Do Home Remodeling Themselves

Up until the 1970’s men were always in charge of doing home remodeling projects. It was not considered feminine for a woman to wear a tool belt and hit nails with a hammer. In World War II women really started to enter the work field, especially in factories, and they began to earn a wage to support their own living expenses. Over the past fifty years, more and more women have entered the work field, leaving their home base, and taking on jobs that were notoriously held by men.

Home Remodeling Requires a Woman’s Touch

Although women are not always considered as strong as men, they are just as intelligent and can operate the tools necessary to complete tasks in home remodeling. Now, women are working side-by-side with men to help them lay flooring, install new roofing, electrical and plumbing. Even though this is still a male-dominated field, a person should not be surprised if a woman shows up at a worksite ready to show off their home remodeling skills.

How a Woman Can Learn Home Remodeling Skills

There are many ways that a woman can learn home remodeling. Self-education is always a great start. Picking a small project, like building a bookshelf, can teach a woman about the basics of operating power tools. There are many videos available online that will help anyone learn the basic mechanics of home repair, and many shows on television that can help a person become inspired for home remodeling. There are some specialized schools in the country that have women and children working together to learn these skills, opening opportunities to not only remodel one’s own home but to potentially start their own business endeavors.

Home remodeling can be complicated and require highly-specialized labor. It is always important to seek expert advice when taking on a large project yourself for the first time. Regardless of your gender, safety always needs to be a person’s number one concern. Starting with a small home remodeling project will help a person get their feet wet, but there are thousands of companies available in the marketplace that will come to your house, provide an estimate, and employ a work crew that will get the job done efficiently, and done right.

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