Where Is That Leak Coming From


If your roof is leaking, you will most likely look for punctures first, which is the most common reason that your roof might be leaking. You should look for gaps in your shingles or obvious damage to your roof. If you can’t see anything or if you’re not comfortable looking, you should just call great roofers to see what they can find. However, if you can’t tell where the leak is coming from, it could be coming from your soffits and fascias.

Soffits and Fascias

Leaks that you cannot find the source of are often because of faulty fascias and soffits in South Yorkshire.

  • The fascias are parts of your roof that are parallel to the ground, such as the surface under an awning.
  • The soffits are the parts that run perpendicular to the fascias.
  • The fascias and soffits need to be fastened so that they are watertight. If they’re not sealed properly, then you will have water coming into your house.
  • Not only will you get water coming into your house, you’ll have a very hard time finding the source of the leak.

The Source of the Leak                                                                     

The source of the leak is difficult to find because water will often run along the eaves and cracks until it finds a hole. The surface tension of the water allows it to run along the wall. Therefore, the drip might be coming into one part of your house but it could actually be from a completely different part of the roof.

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