What’s the Best Way to Go about Cleaning My Washing Machine


The humble washing machine is one of those appliances that we all take for granted and make use of on a sometimes daily basis. And yet, it, like us humans, also enjoys a nice clean! So, how do we make sure that our lovely hard working machines get to feel just as good as we do after a good old fashioned shower/bath and clean up?

·        Well, like a lot of other jobs, it’s not that difficult really, with the simplest thing to do is to just pour two cups (470 ml) of vinegar or lemon/lime juice into the washer when it is empty.

·        And then run the washing machine, empty, and on its highest and hottest temperature setting.

·        This will dispose of any grime build-up and unwanted odours that have uninvitingly invaded your faithful machine.

Moisture and Mildew Matters

·        One good and important piece of advice is don’t forget to take a cloth and/or a small brush and wipe/scrub around the edge of the door, (if yours is a front-loading machine), or around the rim at the top of the door, (if yours is the top-loading type).

·        It can be quite easy for moisture to gather at such places and cause unwanted to develop.

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·        You can try using some bleach to ensure that mildew is eliminated in a fast and easy manner when cleaning your machine.

Stains Begone and Finishing the Job

·        Should there be any dye stains on the inside of your washer, try placing one cup (240 ml) of bleach inside of it and once again run it empty again on the highest heat setting, to eradicate those stains.

·        Bleach also kills any remaining mould or mildew.

·        Don’t forget to avoid any mixing of bleach with other sorts of solvents or cleaners as you may well be forming a toxic mixture.

·        To properly clean out that machine, also make sure in cleaning out any built in dispensers, like the one used for fabric softeners.

Matters of Rust

·        Rust can be found inside of some machines, even when the machine is kept immaculately clean.

·        You can buy special products for dealing with matters of rust removal at many home improvement shops.

·        If the rust happens to be extensive, it may be in need of repair work or getting it replaced.

·        Remember, that after using anything like vinegar, bleach, rust remover, or other cleaning formulas in your machine that you should run the machine one more time whilst empty to dispose of any residue.

Basic Cleaning Advice

·        After a washing load has been completed and hung out, try leaving the door open.

·        This lets the machine dry out in between jobs and stops mildew.

Also, if possible don’t use fabric softener, because it can build up inside a machine making it harder to clean. 

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