What Kind Of Heating System You Need To Choose For Your Home?


Most home owners might have a central heating system. However, those who have really experienced it also know that it can get quite problematic and is definitely not hassle free. Much to the discomfort of people with respiratory problems or asthma, these systems blow dust all over the place. If you are sick of such systems, you might want to give hydronic heating radiators a try. This kind of heating is absolutely beautiful just because of its simplicity.

hydronic heating radiators

Now how does this system work?

The system very simply heats up water and moves it around with the help of sealed pipes to radiators fitted throughout the house. This can very simply be used to heat up towel rails or swimming pools or even floor slabs. So your winter chills are taken care of. This system heats up water with the help of energy efficient gas boilers. The water that is once used is brought back to be reheated through a reticulating system. It is kept separate from the regular domestic supply of water. Hydronic heating radiators or Panel radiators are the heat emitters of each room. There is also an advantage that with the hydronic heating systems, you can actually get air that is pollution-free and the circulation of this air into your rooms will keep the rooms heated for a longer time during the winters. Also this system does not have any airborne particles. It gives an absolutely dust and allergen free environment and thus keeps respiratory problems at bay.

These radiators can also be thermostatically controlled. You can not only heat your rooms to the temperature that is comfortable for you; it also makes sure that the radiators are put off or on when the desired temperature is reached.

Why do you need a hydronic system?

Now, you might ask why exactly you should go in for such a system. How will it really help you?

  • Well, these hydronic systems transfer the major part of their heat through thermal radiation and bring down air temperature stratification. Thus it brings down the loss of heat through the ceilings.
  • Also when a space is heated radiantly, it is quite possible that lower air temperatures itself could give comfort. So more energy savings!

Hydronic systems which are zone based again give lower temperatures in unoccupied rooms. Thus this brings down heat loss and fuel consumption is lesser.


How does the radiator work? Is it safe for children?

  • These radiators hardly make any noise unlike other systems. They also come in different sizes. Their sizes differ from 300mm to 900mm depending on the sizes of the rooms. They usually come in white however some companies do also help you out with different colors, so they go with the décor of your home.
  • Families with children might be concerned that these radiators might get quite hot. Yes, they do become quite warm, however not hot enough to burn or scald the skin of your loved ones.
  • You might also think that if you kept furniture near it, it might cause a fire hazard. In fact, this is not true at all. Though it might affect the circulation of the heat, it definitely cannot be called a hazard.
  • Usually these systems use a highly efficient boiler for power. But there are other fuel sources also that can be chosen like natural gas, electricity or LPG depending on our budget and requirements.

All hydronic heating radiators have energy consumption written all over it. If you get a hydronic system that is properly installed and well designed, nothing can surpass the comfort that it gives and its fuel efficiency.


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