What Is a Tree Surgeon?


When most people think of the word surgeon, they often think about the human body and the surgeons who have gone to medical school in order to perform surgery on other people. Some people might think of a veterinarian at an animal hospital as well. However, there is another kind of surgeon who doesn’t work on animals or people. Tree surgeons, as the name suggests, work with trees. Their work is very similar to pruning trees, but instead it incorporates the health of the tree as a top priority. As with any living thing, there are emergencies, and in emergencies, there are emergency surgeons at the ready.

What Is an Emergency Tree Surgeon?

An emergency tree surgeon in Glasgow is a tree surgeon who specialises in working in time-sensitive situations regarding a tree. These kinds of situations can arise when a tree is endangering people or objects due to some kind of damage that cannot wait to be fixed; the tree has to be pruned right then and there. This kind of damage is usually caused by storms or other forms of sudden damage. A tree caught on powerlines can pose as a fire hazard to the neighbouring trees and people in the area and needs to be dealt with immediately. This is where emergency tree surgeons can help.

What Do Tree Surgeons Do?

When tree surgeons are not performing emergency tree surgery, they are doing tasks that can include the following:

  • Assessing the danger that a tree poses to the surrounding area
  • Assessing the influence that a tree has on the surrounding area
  • Identifying problematic branches
  • Cutting down dead or dying branches
  • Cutting down dead or dying trees
  • And much more

All of these tasks can help increase the safety of the area around the tree as well as the overall health of the tree itself. If tree surgeons do not take proper care of a tree, they risk endangering people and buildings in the surrounding area.



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