A Few Ways to Keep Pests at Bay


If you have a flat, a house, or a business, keeping pests at bay is one of your daily challenges. There are many different ways that bugs and rodents can infest your home and disrupt your day-to-day operations. The various pests are always looking for ways to invade your home and eventually they will find a way in. If you own a business, it could be even more important for you to keep pests out of your business. They are disruptive and sometimes dangerous to your home; however, when it comes to your business, you could lose a significant amount of money because people will not want to shop at a business that has bugs. That is true for any kind of business and especially true for a restaurant. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to keep pests out of your home or business. You need to ensure that you are preventing them from getting in and reducing their incentive to get in. Those two steps will help keep you safe from pests.

Prevent Them from Getting In

To prevent bugs from getting in, you need to block off all of the different ways in which they might get into your building. The first place you should look is doorways and windowsills. You should make sure that all of your doors and windows seal completely. You will want to hire professionals to help you with pest control in Ipswich. If you inspect your windowsills and doorways, you can help the professional when he or she arrives. The professionals at a business such as QLD Pest Control will be able to recommend different ways to keep your building secure from bugs.

Typically, they will advise you on ways to physically seal your windows and doors. Also, they will lay down a layer of pesticide that eliminates any bugs that might have managed to evade your barriers. You should also inspect your intentional punctures. An intentional puncture is anywhere in your home that something has pierced a surface on purpose. This includes things such as plumbing pipes, hoses, air conditioning units, and so on. Much like windows or doors, they sometimes don’t fit completely flush. If you seal those up with the help of a professional, you will greatly reduce the amount of pests in your home.

Reduce the Incentive

Reducing the incentive for pests to get into your home involves eliminating the food they eat when they get into your home or business. You should seal up any food that might be left out in your home. You should keep any fruit or vegetables wrapped up or in the refrigerator. Many different bugs are actually attracted to the chemicals that are released as fruits and vegetables decompose. The professionals at QLD Pest Control often encounter pest problems that can be easily contained by sealing up any food.

In addition to food, you should make sure that you are cleaning up anything that bugs might eat. For example, fruit flies have been known to survive on the flecks of toothpaste on your bathroom mirror.


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