Usefulness Of Red Mud With Conversion Into Gainful Items


Known as bauxite residue, red mud causes big problems if its accumulation is not deterred and recycled into gainful items. Companies including the red mud hut take pains of doing this task for the people at large. They are benefited as they are able to enjoy the various day to day products that are produced with the help of red mud that is converted at the recycling centres that serve the society for its benefits.

Usefulness – Red mud can be converted into different useful items that are made available by the prominent concern namely, the red mud hut and other similar companies. The most common items that are made with red mud include Bricks, Colorants, Tiles for building roofs, Paving slabs, Block paving, Bollards, Pipes, Sea defenses, Litter bins, Benches, Kerbs, Central reservation dividers, Bases for roads and driveways apart from other concrete / cement construction items that benefit us in a big way.

Recycling of red mud – This substance on the earth could cause havoc if not managed perfectly. That’s why companies engaged in its recycling put in their best to make the above advantageous and other so many things from the stockpiles of red mud. Commercialisation of this stuff is done at large scales by the alumina producing companies that find ways for its best use. The most common use of red mud is its conversion into building materials as highlighted in the preceding paragraph. But its other uses have boosted its significance all over the world. The society at large is benefited in a big way. However the past so many years have observed red mud to be a big problem for the humans as many people took it to be a curse.

The most advantageous feature of red mud recycling could be termed as the elimination of Efflorescence. It was considered as a big problem as it is endemic as far as concrete paving is concerned. A crystalline deposit on surfaces of stucco, concrete or masonry; Efflorescence, the whitish whisker is removed with recycling.

Other beneficial aspects – It may be known that use of red mud can be made in the form of a base to grow plants. Many people think that nothing could be grown on red mud. But things are changing day by day as the wise scientists have proved that laying a piece of toilet tissue as a filter could be helpful in growing things on the base of red mud. Thus this substance can be used as the source of plant base. It could be mixed with sewage and the ill effects can be neutralised well for forming the growing medium or soil additive.

Red Mud, the common substance that was considered as a menace and harmful item till the recent past has come out to be a gainful product. Companies including the red mud hut have been able to develop useful items for the society apart from offering it as the feasible solutions for the age-old environmental issue that used to worry the society till the recent past.

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