Use travertine pavers to design an outdoor oasis


You might have designed the perfect indoor space that meets your needs, is relaxing, and allows you to spend time with your family and entertain. But what about your outdoor space? You may have purchased a home with a backyard that’s just a patch of grass, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Travertine pavers can pave the way for you to have an outdoor space that includes a pool, fireplace, barbeque, and other design elements that make your outdoor space a focal point in your home.

First, think about what you’d like to do in your outdoor space. Do you want to cook, entertain, play games, or just relax? Travertine pavers are made of natural stone, and are ideal coverings for walkways and patios, or for surrounding that swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of. They can form the base for any outdoor activity you’d like to engage in with your family and friends.

Travertine pavers come in a wide variety of textures and colors, making it easy for you to find a style that works for your home. Whether your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space, a rustic retreat, or a modern oasis, you’ll find travertine pavers that work for your style. Look for browns, creams, and taupes to create a warm, comforting atmosphere, or go for dramatic or contrasting colors for a big impact factor. You can even play with different textures and colors for a more eclectic look.  Take into account the stone or tile used in your outdoor space’s backsplashes, countertops, and other features to be sure you select travertine pavers that fully complement them for maximum design impact. Function is also important in an outdoor space, which makes travertine pavers a great choice for uses like patio flooring, which require slip resistant, durable materials.

Once you’ve selected the style of travertine pavers you’d like to work with, be sure you properly prep the area. Remember to add proper drainage and enough base material. Taking all these preparatory steps into consideration will help your outdoor oasis look beautiful and functional for years to come.

Finally, don’t forget that your outdoor space doesn’t stand alone. It’s not only an extension of your indoor space, it’s also right in the heart of the features of your backyard or surrounding environment. Do you have large fir trees or quaint flower beds nearby? Are there sloping hills or grassy ridges in your area? Don’t fight the natural beauty of your space. Since travertine pavers are made of natural stone, they have the potential to fit right in and complement your home, and can even follow the curved lines or geometric shapes of your existing landscaping.

And even if you don’t have mountain views or sweeping scenic vistas in your neighborhood, you can let travertine pavers bring that look to you, giving your outdoor oasis the style you’ve always hoped for. Your backyard space will finally be living up to its full potential.



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