Tips to Find Custom Made Mattress in the Market


When people buy bed, they need to spare a thought about mattresses because an uncomfortable product is bound to do more harm than good. People who do not sleep enough suffer from insomnia and other associated health problems. To prevent minor issues becoming major problems, one needs to select the mattress after discussions with friends, family members and experts.

It is important to buy a mattress according to your requirements and specifications. There are different types of custom made mattress in the market that might confuse you. You should follow certain tips to buy the right mattress.

Type of Mattress:

  • Innerspring mattress is a conventional mattress with steel coil support system and is very popular among the users. It is available in the form of a single unit or multiple coils connected to each other. Thickness of the spring is an important parameter to measure the strength of the mattress. Spring system is covered by the additional cushion such as foam or upholstery materials to provide relief to the spine.
  • Another most important factor while selecting custom made mattress is comfort. Water bed mattress uses innovative technique of using water chamber as the support system. Hard sided version of the bed deploys regular frame encasing over the water chamber. The whole structure is zipped inside the fabric casing. Soft version of the bed uses rigid foam to cover the chamber. There are two varieties of Water bed namely free flow and stationary. The former product allows the free flow of water in the chamber while the latter does not.
  • Foam mattresses are durable as they last for a very long time. They are made of different materials such as Polyurethane, latex or gel resulting in an extremely flexible and strong structure. Foams are manufactured in different varieties to suit the preferences of the customers.
  • The Gel mattress has become very popular among the customers. Gel is contained in the foam, which can easily withstand pressure and could be used to dissipate heat evenly across the length and breadth.
  • The air mattress is equipped with an air adjustable chamber for support. It is covered with upholsteries, foams and fibers. One of the most important advantages of the air mattress is that the firmness can be adjusted as per the preferences of the users.


  • Buying a mattress is a costly proposition. It is therefore important that the product lasts for a long time or else it might result in dead investment.
  • One should also focus on the material that is used.
  • Cushion goes a long way in delivering impeccable results to the users.
  • Mattresses with spring frame are very popular among the users.


You do not need to buy the most expensive mattress in the market because it may not necessarily be right for you. Mattress is considered as an asset because it is expensive. Match the value offered by the product with its cost as it can help you to take informed decision.


When you are getting the customized design made, ensure that it offers comfort to the spinal cord and provide long term relaxation. Another factor that the buyer should be aware of is the tall claims of comfort promised by the stores. They boast of foam and cotton batting to achieve the desired results however similar objectives are attained by using inexpensive foams.

Replacement policy:

You need to contact a reputed store that offers guarantee on the sold products. If the items are found defective, they must be replaced within the stipulated time period. A new store may not be able to provide high quality services to the sellers.

Hope this tips will help you find best custom made mattress!!! Still you need more information than visit this link and get some extra ideas.

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