Three Signs Double-Glazed Windows Need Repairs


Having double-glazed windows on your house can help save money on your energy bills and dampen outside noise. However, they may sometimes require repairs if a seal or pane of glass is damaged. Here are some signs that your double-glazed windows require repairs.

Fogged Windows

Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass separated by an inert gas that prevents condensation. However, if the seal of a window is damaged, then moisture can build up between the glass panes and cause condensation, which can lead to foggy windows.

The seals on the windows can be damaged by exposure to extreme temperatures as they expand and contract in freezing or hot weather. To resolve the fogging issue, the windows will need to be resealed by a company specialising in Maidstone double glazing repairs.

Damage to Windows

If the glass panes have chips, scratches, or cracks, then the damage can cause your windows to be less efficient. They can cause the gas between the panes to leak out, leading to problems with condensation and draughts. If your glass has been damaged, it should be replaced to maintain the efficiency of your double-glazed windows.

Sun Damage to Fabrics

The sun’s UV rays can cause furniture fabrics and carpet to fade under their intensity. However, good-quality double-glazed windows will have UV protection to prevent this problem. If you notice sun-bleached fabrics around the windows, then you may not have a good-quality window. You should consider having them coated with a film to provide protection or check to see if their UV protection has failed and have them replaced under warranty if still applicable.

Double-glazed windows have many benefits for your home, including lower energy costs. However, if there are problems with them, such as damaged seals, glass or inadequate UV protection, you need to have them repaired or replaced.


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