Three Benefits of Vinyl Flooring for Homes


While many homeowners may want timber flooring throughout their house or flat, it isn’t always practical. If they have children or pets, real timber flooring can get scratched if dogs run across it or toys are pushed around on the floor. However, vinyl laminate floors can give homeowners the look they want, along with the following benefits.

Easier to Clean

When it comes to cleaning the floor, it is much easier to clean vinyl then it is to clean timber. If food or liquid is spilled, it can sink into the pores of real timber, but vinyl flooring is not porous, so any spills can be easily removed. Vinyl flooring can be dust mopped or wet mopped as needed without worrying that the flooring or finish will be ruined.

More Durable than Timber

While timber floors can last for generations if properly cared for, including having them refinished on occasion, vinyl flooring doesn’t require as much care. It is scratch resistant and will hold up against any spills since it isn’t a porous material. People can walk across the floor wearing high heels, children can play with their toys on it, or your pets can run across it without you worrying about the flooring becoming scratched or gouged.

Quick Installation

Vinyl flooring can be quickly installed by companies offering flooring services in Dorset. Whether it is tongue and groove planks similar to timber flooring or peel and stick tiles used in kitchens or bathrooms, it can usually be laid in a matter of hours and be used soon afterwards. There is usually no need to wait to rearrange furniture or walk across your new floors.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between some vinyl floors and timber, so homeowners can get the look of real timber floors without paying a high price or worrying about ruining them.

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