Take the Worry Out of Your New Build or Renovation


What two factors should you look for when hiring a builder for your new home or a renovation project? If you list experience and affordability first and second, you’re definitely on the right track. Of course, you might also want to work with a company that brings a solid reputation to the job as well. If they’ve been working with other valued customers for many years, chances are very good that you’ll have all of these elements in one source.

Look for NHBC

As you begin your search, you’d be wise to look for the initials NHBC somewhere on the builder’s website or in the advertising you see from that firm. NHBC stands for National House Building Council, an organisation with an overall goal of raising construction standards for new homes in the UK. You also get consumer protection with the 10-year Buildmark warranty.

You’ll find this recommendation and many others when you work with skilled builders in Kent who are dedicated to helping you build your dream home with no worry or stress on your part. You can get started by calling to talk to a member of the team – free, no obligation.

Range of Services

Depend on them to help with:

  • New builds
  • House renovations
  • Property extensions
  • Project management
  • Carpentry
  • All associated trades and skills

You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a registered NHBC new house builder. This is your source for qualified professionals who take great care in making sure that every step of your build project is completed to the highest standards. You can look forward to exciting developments as your project comes to life.

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