Small Bathroom Tiling Ideas to Create Open Space


Bathrooms are generally small in large cities. Every bathroom has to include the basics like shower or bathing area, sink & faucet, and the toilet. It does not matter, if the space is compact. All these things need to be shoved inside this limited space. However, it will give the feeling of a cramped bathroom.

Fortunately, right tiles can help you mimic a spacious bathroom. Tiles for the bathroom are available in variety of shape, style, material, and size. The possibilities of tile design are endless, but rules differ, when a compact bathroom is in question. More attention needs to be made on the flooring.

Small bathroom tiling rules

These are not mandatory rules, but if followed produce better tile-work. You can aim for –

Diagonally laid tile

Diagonals make your eyes believe that the bathroom is large than it actually is. You can sub-consciously count the tiles, but if they are not set diagonally, your eyes will not be able to count them with ease in comparison. In addition, diagonally laid tiles add controlled chaotic feature, which gives the Lilliputian bathroom spark and vibrancy.

DIY avoid diagonal tile placement because it is hard to calculate cut points. DIY fans can read this article to learn about the right tool, which helps in calculating cut points.

Light colors

It is a fundamental rule that light colors give the feel of space and dark one’s box it. You may have noticed that ceilings are always painted in light colors or white. White ceilings are preferred a lot because they don’t envelop the visual, but reflect maximum light. This does not mean, you need to choose only white flooring tiles. Choose a light shade or tile scheme with 50% white and other color.

Go large

Using large tiles in a small bathroom sounds odd, but small tiles create multiple grout lines, which gives grid like or cluttered feel. Tiles having busy patterns give feel like grout lines making the room feel small. Large tiles visually expand the space because cutting to install them in tricky corner gets reduced.

Tile material

Mosaic tiles

If your bathroom has lots of corner than small mosaic tiles with matching grout is suggested. Actually, a one-inch square tile will generate 10X more grout lines in comparison to 12” square tile. To reduce this boxy feel, tint the grout with a color that closely looks a lot like the tile.

Natural stone

Natural stone come from foreign lands and are expensive but for a small bathroom you can certainly make some sacrifice.

Valuable small bathroom tips

  • Take the tiles up all the way to the ceiling. Few transitions and less contrast will provide a more unrestrained feel.
  • Textured glass in shower seems like a visual barrier in comparison to a clear glass.
  • A big mirror trimmed inside the tiles with lighting on top will increase the impact of light making space look large.
  • Recess cabinetry in the walls and get extra space.

Choose tile color and finish carefully for your small bathroom flooring. You will be surprised to see how spacious and sophisticated the small space will turn into.

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