Signs of Drain Problems


Your sewage system probably doesn’t cross your mind very often. Most of the pipes and fittings are in the walls or under the floor. They are the epitome of being out of sight and out of mind. However, they do become very central to your thinking as soon as a problem occurs. Those problems can be quite disruptive if you don’t catch them early. Fortunately, there are always a few signs that something is going to go wrong. Your plumbing system is fairly simple, so diagnosing a problem is fairly simple. Water comes into your home through the water main, which is a single pipe that delivers water from its source. Water is then distributed via a network of pipes to your different fixtures. Those pipes then reconvene into a single sewer main. Your problems will be in one of those three steps.

Main Problems

If you’re having water main problems, you will likely have low water flow. If the flow is only low to one tap, you’re not having main problems. However, if multiple fixtures are producing weak water flow, you are likely getting a weak flow from the main. That could be because of a partial blockage at the main or because of a problem with the municipal water supply. An Oldham drain and sewer clearance specialist can determine the difference. Problems with your sewer main will manifest as drainage problems that occur in multiple drains.

Pipe Problems

If you are having problems at the level of the individual pipes, you will have water flow issues that are sometimes difficult to diagnose. The problems will not occur uniformly; instead, there will be a few fixtures that have a problem. If the problems you are experienced are reserved to one or two fixtures, it’s likely a problem with individual pipes.


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