Seals Are Used for a Wide Range of Applications


Seals are important for use in industry as they keep everything operational. Seals come in a variety of configurations and are represented by the following items:

  • Ring-type joints
  • Spiral wound types of gaskets
  • Metal-clad gaskets
  • Graphite sheeting
  • Door seals
  • Sealing rings
  • Insulation sets
  • Elastomeric seals and O-rings

The O-Ring Design: Why it Has Been Popularised

Probably one of the most commonly used seals in machine designs is the O-ring. An O-ring is fairly inexpensive to make, thus the reason for its ongoing use. In addition, the mounting requirement for this type of seal is basic. Therefore, the selection of an O-ring is based on chemical compatibility, sealing pressure, application temperature, quality, quantity, lubrication needs, and cost.

What to Seek in Product Features

When you are working with a supplier who offers these types of sealing products in Bradford, make sure that the items feature full traceability with respect to certification and batch and cure coding. The products should be separately labelled and packaged as well.

Metal-Clad Gaskets That Are Used for Sealing

Metal-clad or metal-jacketed gaskets are another type of important industrial seal. Users of this type of component like it because it is affordable and can be made in one of various materials. In addition, this kind of gasket can be designed for use with narrow flanges.

How the Gaskets Are Made

This cost-efficient semi-metal gasket is made up of a soft filler material that is entirely encapsulated inside a metal jacket. The metal-clad gasket is regularly used in heat exchangers and can be produced with different metals and fillers, each of which can withstand high temperatures.

How the Gaskets Are Normally Used

The simplest semi-metallic gasket features a compressible type of insert that is surrounded by a metal jacket. The insert is used to force the metal to deform in order to accommodate the surface of the flange and create a seal. Similarly to O-rings, metal jacketed or metal-clad gaskets are usually used in heat exchanger products.

Sealing Rings

Sealing rings, which are other popular sealers, come in various materials and shapes. These rings are made for use in pneumatic and hydraulic sealing processes. Sealing rings are often manufactured in the design of graphite-moulded packing rings. These rings offer excellence in emission control and have the capacity to operate at exceptionally high temperatures. They can also function at higher speeds and pressures and can take the abuse of most chemical substances.

In addition, sealing rings are provided in double- or single-acting piston type seals, rod seals and wipers, backup rings and flanges, and V seals. All these types of products are developed for use in a number of industries, especially in processing and chemical applications. The products that are used for sealing meet the sizing mandates of housing standards and specifications for Europe, Asia, and the US.

You can conveniently order these types of sealing items online. All you need to do is fill out an online form to place an order. Just include your name, e-mail, and phone number along with a detailed message. A “send” button on the site makes the ordering process quick and easy.

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