Roller Shutter Doors Support Industrial Safety and Security


One of the best ways to support the security of an industrial site is to have a roller shutter door installed. This type of door is featured in push up, chain, straightforward, or electrical door systems. So, the door that you select can be fitted to your specific requirements. The doors also come in a variety of finishes including plastisol, wood grain, HPS scintilla, or galvanised.

You Can Choose Doors That Are Perforated

In addition, you have a range of colours at your disposal. You can elect to choose from a range of standard hues or any type of RAL colour choice. The curtain for the door can either be perforated to provide partial vision or made with single-skinned steel. The perforation adds an extra measure of security as you can see out the door at night while still staying protected.

A User-Friendly Roller Door System

So, if you contract with a dealer in Staffordshire roller shutters – sales, installations, and repairs, you will find that your site will not only be more secure but also user-friendly. For example, you can choose from electrical doors that can be operated from a single-phase source (made for domestic garages or retail sites) or doors that are featured with a three-phase supply (recommended for businesses that need to use the door for more operations).

Do You Need Enhanced Security?

You can also choose to add external pushbutton controls, key switches, photocells, and safety-type edges. Traffic light systems and radio control can also be installed. If you require intense security, you can opt to add a number of additional features as well. Talk to a roller shutter sales professional to help guide you in choosing a door that is right for your venue.

Besides doors for industrial sites, roller shutter door systems can also be made that are designed to safeguard items and employees from fire. So, you can also buy doors with 1.5-, 2.0-, or 4.0-hour protection ratings. Shutters used at business sites can also be installed over windows or entrance doors.


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