Questions to Be Asked to Your Contractor before Starting Kitchen Remodeling Project


While taking up any kind of project like kitchen or bathroom remodeling certain unexpected developments are always expected. Therefore, you need to hire a contractor, who understands this very well and flexible enough to support you.


Therefore, while negotiating with your contractor for taking up kitchen remodeling Northern VA you need to speak your mind and ask following questions to convince yourself.


  1. Can you explain me the breakdown details of your offer?

Quite often few contractors may offer the price based on their gut feel without properly analyzing the total project. In this way, they initially bid lower price to get the order and when the project is in midway, they start demanding higher price. Therefore, it is always better to understand how he is quoting his price so that at later stage there is no confusion.

  1. Have you considered the cost of all activities?

Sometimes contractor’s charge extra money for demolition, removal of junk, transportation of materials and few other such works. Therefore, it is better to clarify in the beginning. 

  1. Who is going to supply your materials?

It is better to know the quality and reputation of the material supplier as that is going to decide the quality of the renovation work. 

  1. How long will it take to complete the project?

There must be clear understanding of all activities and their completion time before the start of the project. 

  1. What kind of warranty do you offer after the completion of the project?

Your contractor must be ready to give service in case any problem is observed after completion of the project.  

  1. Have you got insurance for your workforce?

In every construction related project certain unexpected accidents can take place and therefore it is necessary that people working in the site must be fully insured by the Chantilly VA kitchen contractor. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for any kind of mishap and have to bear the cost of treatment and other expenses.


  1. Who are the people remain on the site?

You must know about people who are present in your premises during the project. 

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