What Is a Plant Scheme for All Seasons


A deliberately planned garden is a beautiful thing to see. The work of a landscaper is much like any other craftsperson or artist. It is designed to be functional as well as pleasing to the eye. That means your garden can look that way as well. To do that effectively, you need to work with a landscaper to design a plant scheme for all seasons.

Plant Schemes

The plant scheme is the strategy for which flowers, vegetables, trees, and other plants you will have in your garden. Gardeners in Woking can design something for all weather conditions.

  • If you want a garden that is always blooming, you need to choose flowers that bloom year-round.
  • Alternately, you need to choose different flowers so that something is always blooming.
  • For example, camellias bloom during cooler weather, but citrus trees bloom in the summer.
  • If you combine the two in a plant scheme, you’ll have blooms in two different seasons. If you choose some autumn blooming flowers and some spring blooms, you’ll have flowers all year.
  • You will also need plants that will not die during the winter or during the summer.

Cold-Hardy and Heat-Resistant

A cold-hardy plant is one that will not die even when the temperature gets very low. That’s important if you don’t want to have to replant your flowers every year. Furthermore, you need plants that are heat-resistant as well. Some plants do not like warm temperatures.

You can mitigate some of these effects by putting heat-sensitive plants in the shadow of your house. Blocking the wind will also help plants that aren’t as cold-resistant as others.

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