Packing books and other small heavy items for moving


Without a doubt, the books may look like some of the easiest objects to prepare for a relocation, because they are small, not fragile and are easy to pile one on top of another. However, piling plenty of books in one single big removal box is exactly that you don`t want to do. There are plenty of reasons that make the dozens of boos in one box unsafe for the trip, but there is nothing to compare with the difficulties when handling or moving the box with the books. From magazines to newspapers and giant books – they all are small and light, compared to the cupboard in the kitchen, for example. This changes as soon as you fit a dozen or a little bit more books in one box. Their common weight may exceed that of the cupboard, which often consists of solid wood and laminates. The enormous weight of the books makes the handling quite dangerous, because if you pick up a normal box without a reinforced bottom – it can easily bent and broke. Then, when adjusting the exact location of the box in the moving van – it would be much more difficult to rotate and turn the yet small and very heavy box with the books. The great height may cause scratches onto the bottom of the box and onto the floor of the van, thus making the unloading of that box risky. The good way for packing books is to fit just about a dozen books in one box, and to use taller boxes with sturdier bottoms.

Packing books and other small heavy items for moving

Packing vases, porcelain cups, plates and heavy decorative items:

They have their own specific requirements for ensuring a maximum level of safety. For instance, always label the boxes with the “FRAGILE” label. Make it bigger and contrasting so you and the movers can easily orientate what`s inside the box when handling it. When packing porcelain items – a great tip is to wrap each individual item in bubble wraps. This is the best way to protect the items if you want to fit several items in one box. The plastic wraps are also useful, especially when it comes to preventing scratches onto glass surfaces. To protect the glass and other fragile objects with 90 degrees angles – use edge protectors. Try to fill as much as possible of the empty spaces between the walls of the boxes and the fragile items. Old newspapers, blankets, curtains or even paper towel may be quite useful.

Packing electronic devices:

Although that they can`t be easily broken, such as a small porcelain sculpture, the electronic devices should be carefully packed and prepared for the move. They are pretty much like the books, but quite more fragile. The best opt is to find the old original boxes of the devices, especially if you are hoarding the boxes in the closet. They fit flawlessly just because they are made for the specific electronic devices. Another great tip is to use plastic bags or wraps to cover the entire boxes or electronic devices. This is the best way to prevent them from malfunctioning due to rain or snow if you move in a rainy or snowy day. Ask your removal company whether they offer special removal boxes only for electronic devices. It comes to boxes with unusual dimensions like a box for a flat TV screen, a box for the gaming console, for the laptop, etc. The best opt is to rent boxes and then to return them to the company after the relocation.

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