Online Estate Agents – The Cost Effective Way to Sell your Property


Selling your home needn’t cost a fortune, and the days of inflated estate agent charges are a thing of the past with a new and innovative system that delivers results at an affordable cost. Online estate agents can sell your property quickly, and with much lower overheads than a traditional estate agent, the price is significantly lower. For the first time ever, it is now possible to arrange to have your house put on the market without even leaving your living room.

Free Evaluation

Have you ever wondered exactly how much your property is worth? If you contact the right online estate agent, they will send an expert to see you at home and will provide a detailed evaluation of your home. This service is usually free and without obligation, and if your home is located in the West Country, one of the best estate agents in Havering can arrange to have your home evaluated free of charge.

Fixed Fee Representation

Most homeowners prefer to sell their property for a fixed fee, which could be as little as £1,200, and with a fixed fee agreement, the client pays only the agreed sum, regardless of how long it takes to find a buyer. Once the client has instructed the estate agent to proceed, the process is simple yet effective, and your home will be listed on many popular online real estate websites, which usually means a quick sale.

Professional Presentation

As with any commodity, selling a property requires the right presentation, and a modern online estate agent would hire a professional photographer to take the images, and while some companies might prefer to do this themselves, it is better to have professional shots taken, which will showcase your property in a positive way. A professional floorplan would be created, as this gives the prospective buyer a clearer picture of the layout of the residence, and with the experts preparing your presentation, you can rest assured that your property will be showcased in a positive manner.

A Range of Listing Solutions

An online estate agent would have an extensive network of real estate listing sites, which would immediately give your property a huge distribution, and the more people that see your listing, the better the chance of a sale. The number of users combined that browse the network looking for a property could reach the millions, and this is perhaps the most effective way to distribute your listing.

Managed Viewings

The estate agent would normally handle all the viewings and enquiries, and that would include collecting feedback from people who have viewed your property, and the appointment system will be such that it will not affect your daily routine.

Once a person makes an offer on your property, the estate agent would act on your behalf, and would also screen the prospective buyer to ensure they do have the necessary funds to proceed. The system is both effective and affordable, and by reaching out to millions of potential buyers, you really can’t go wrong.

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