Myths and Facts About Investing in A Granny Flat


Granny flats are getting more and more notice as families are starting to realize their house simply isn’t big enough. With more generations living together than ever before, houses are becoming cramped and overcrowded. Granny flats can be the perfect solution, offering up a secondary living space that is independent and self-sufficient to help keep your family’s sanity intact! Read on to find out the myths and facts surrounding your potential granny flat investment.


Myth: A Granny Flat is a Low-Quality Structure

Granny flats can take many forms, like a converted garage, a renovated pool house, or a completely independent house. Granny flats are carefully designed to last a lifetime, especially if you consult well-known builders and specialists in granny flats. Make sure you know exactly what you want in terms of living space and fixtures, and you’ll end up with a secondary dwelling that is a fully functional, high quality structure that will last as long as you need it to.

Fact: They are Energy Efficient

Granny flats are usually smaller houses that are completely self-sufficient; made with modern technology and sustainable materials, these structures are often more energy efficient and eco-friendly than the main dwelling. They’re smaller, which makes them easier to heat and cool, and they often come with efficient appliances that reduce waste.

Myth: Granny Flats All Look the Same

Granny flats come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. They can be detached or semi-detached, and they can be one story or several stories. You can choose your model from a design, or opt for a custom design. Granny flats also come premade as the easiest, quickest option, or you can hire a builder to put yours together. With the sudden rise in popularity, granny flats are quickly becoming more and more versatile.

Fact: Granny Flats Can Be Built and Installed Quickly

One of the most enticing draws of granny flats is that they can be built and installed very quickly. If your parent is suddenly unable to live on their own or your kid moves home from college, you have options for an independent, affordable living space that won’t take months to put together. You also might not even need a building permit depending on your city’s regulations, so you can start building right away.

Myth: Granny Flats are a Waste of Money

Granny flats are sound investments that can much more affordable than renovating parts of your house—and a heck of a lot easier considering there will be minimal disruption to your family’s daily life. Granny flats can even start earning you money, if you choose to rent it out to tenants for a profit (or even start charging your college-grad some rent!). If you decide to move houses down the line, a granny flat can add a significant boost in property value and is extremely enticing to potential buyers. If you want to have work done on your house, the granny flat can even act as a temporary living space so that the construction can be done even faster.

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