The Many Benefits of a Granny Flat


If an Australian homeowner is thinking of adding some extra living space, the granny flat is usually the first thing that comes to mind. The need for extra space might be due to elderly parents, who live a fair way away, and would like to be closer, and have some help in the process. The stand-alone structure would be equipped with everything one might need, and it is designed with elderly occupants in mind, with a level of independence.

Guest Accommodation

Your parents might be many years away from relocating to live with you, but having extra accommodation really comes in handy when you have good friends coming, and they can stay a few days if you have suitable accommodation. Knowing that one day, your parents will have a nice place to live, gives you peace of mind, and in the meantime, you can utilise the unit whenever it is required. If your home is WA based, and you are looking for an affordable granny flat in Perth, there are established suppliers of top quality units of varying sizes.

Comprehensive Features

The granny flat concept is to provide comfortable accommodation for an elderly couple, and with a kitchen, bathroom and a double bedroom, your parents have everything they need, and are not reliant on the main household for anything. Being so close is ideal, as you get to spend more time with your loved ones, and the peace of mind you have, knowing they are safe and well, makes it an ideal situation. Modern designs make for bright and airy rooms, and with a stylish outside seating area, the occupants can entertain, or just enjoy the summer evenings together.

A Shrewd Investment

Purchasing a modular granny flat is a wise investment, even if it isn’t yet needed, and as they are hand built to precise specifications, using quality materials that are non-corrosive, you and your family will enjoy many years of trouble free use, and the value of the unit will still be considerable, and will certainly add value to the property.

Unexpected Occasions

There might be times when your son or daughter would like their study partner to sleepover, and with a fully furnished granny flat, you have the ideal environment. A friend might have popped over for a beer, which turned into 6 or 7, and rather than risk the drive home, he can sleep in your extra accommodation. If your parents live some distance away, they might like to visit sometimes, and with their own private accommodation on your property, they can visit often, and not worry about causing you any inconvenience.

Stand Alone Accommodation

The site of the granny flat can be wherever you feel it is most suited, and once the base has been constructed, the unit can be delivered and anchored in position, and once the utilities are connected, you have a separate living area for your guests, and eventually, this will be the ideal home when your parents would like to be closer to you and your family.

Modern materials mean zero maintenance, and with top quality fittings, the units are an ideal addition for any family that needs some additional space to accommodate guests.

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