How To Move Your Piano With Ease


Moving to a new home can become overwhelming. No matter if it is a short distance move within Indiana, or you plan on leaving the state. There are so many things to think about and do. Besides the obvious concerns and excitement about your new life, there a few questions that cross everyone’s mind: Which moving company to hire? How to conduct the packing? How long will it take to relocate? In addition to that, having precious items like pianos or antiques don’t make the situation any easier. In order to move your piano with ease, and have a stress free relocation, you will need to create a moving plan. Having a detailed plan will make the whole moving process much easier. It will also allow you to oversee every step of the way and prevent overlooking any important obligations and tasks.

Choosing the right moving company for a piano move

In order to move your piano with ease, you will need to search for a reliable Indiana mover. The moving company you hire needs to be able to perform the relocation in a safe and timely manner. A professional moving company like Verified Movers can provide you with other additional services in order to make your relocation quick and stress-free.

It is very important to know that there is no such thing as a “small move”. Short-distance moves require a similar planning process and the interstate ones, and most certainly the same level of caution when it comes to relocating a piano. Therefore, one of the valuable local moving tips is to plan every move properly without skipping any important steps.

The moving companies

Moving industry is thriving. Therefore you will have various choices when it comes to choosing a moving company. The most common moving mistake people tend to make is not doing a detailed research and hiring the first mover you come by. In order to move your piano with ease, you will need to find a professional mover that can meet your requirements.

Choosing a reputable mover will be easy by following a few important guidelines:

  • Research – Find a few moving companies you might consider hiring and research further. Visit their websites and look for recommendations and former customers’ reviews. The red flags are: not having a clear contact information and address, as well as having a poor online brand presentation. Ask for an online quote and compare it later with the one you get over the phone.
  • Prepare question in advance – Besides moving your piano, are there any other specific requirements you might have for your relocation? Write down all questions that cross your mind. How long have they been in business? Do they have experience in piano moves? What is their USDOT number? Are they willing to provide you with letters of recommendation? What kind of moving insurance do they offer?
  • Contact the movers. – Use the previous list of questions and pay a close attention to their answers and customer service quality.  Any reliable long distance mover from Indiana should be more than happy to answer any question you might have. Don’t forget to ask for a quote and which services it includes. The chosen mover should be able to provide you with decent long distance moving assistance.
  • Schedule an in-house estimate in order to move your piano with ease.– An in-house estimate will give you an opportunity to meet a moving expert and get an exact quote. Also, your mover will be able to see your possessions, and most importantly, the piano and make a relocation plan.

Move your piano with easy- all you need to know

When relocating such a valuable item as a piano, there are many reasons to use moving services. However, in order to be informed and prepared or be able to plan a DIY piano relocation, here are a few important steps to follow:

Prepare your piano for the move

In order to safely relocate your piano, you will need to prepare carefully:


  • Remove the piano lid and wrap it. –If you want to move a grand piano, you will be able to disassemble it.
  • If possible: lock the keyboard lid or make sure it is close and won’t open.
  • Remove the pedals. – Use quality packing material when wrapping the piano parts.
  • Remove the piano legs and casters.
  • Don’t forget to remove the piano hinges. They could cause a lot of damage during the transportation.
  • Set the body of a piano on its side an carefully wrap it. – You will need help for this step to prevent the piano from flipping over or scratching.
  • If you are moving a smaller piano, like Spinet Piano, you might not be able to disassemble it. Therefore make sure you secure the lids from opening and protect the piano with blankets.
  • Use only high-quality and clean pads for wrapping your piano. 
  • Make sure the wrapping tape doesn’t come in contact with the wood.
  • Prepare the gear for yourself. Dress comfortably, wear non-slippery shoes and gloves. Also, weight-lift support belts are useful for moving heavy items like a piano. There is no time for fashion when moving a piano. Therefore, make sure you are not wearing any accessories. 

The move

After securing and protecting your piano by safely wrapping it you will need to prepare everything for the transport. Secure your piano carefully but tightly to a sturdy four-wheeled loading dolly. In order to move your piano with ease, use a few heavy-duty buckle straps to secure it. Plan the route. Make sure there isn’t anything standing in the way for you and your movers from your home all the way to the truck.

If you are doing a DIY piano move, make sure you have 2-3 people helping you. Pianos are delicate and have. Few extra hands may be useful. Make sure everyone is wearing proper gear in order to stay safe.

Make sure the truck is open and deploy the ramp. If needed use a piece of plywood to roll your piano down the stairs. Safety comes first. Therefore, make sure you have enough space and people to transport the instrument without anyone getting hurt. In order to move your piano with ease, load it first to the truck, before any of the boxes. Therefore, you will be able to tuck it safely among your other possessions. Make sure you pick a place for your instrument in your new home in advance. Assembling and checking the piano should be the first after-move task.You are all set now! Happy moving day!

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