How Is the Health of Your Roof?


When was the last time that you got up on the roof and had a look to see if there was any damage? Indeed, when was the last time that you even thought about or looked at your roof? Our roofs keep out the worst of the weather but when it comes to maintaining them in good repair, many homeowners simply forget. Of course, nothing lasts forever and every roof will need repair and maintenance at one time or another.

The Signs of a Problem

So, how do you know when you need to call out professional roofers in Middlesex to come out and have a look at your roof? Here are some signs that you should never ignore when it comes to your roof:

  • Dark Circles: When rain water leaks into the roof space, it can pool on top of the ceiling. This can leave dark circles on the underside that resemble black mould. Indeed, pools of water such as this can lead to the formation of black mould, which can cause numerous health problems.
  • Drips: During the last storm or rainy weather, did you hear dripping on your ceiling? This is a sure sign that rain water is getting into the roof! If you notice this, you should call out a professional roofer as soon as possible.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

The problem is that if you leave your roof and allow rainwater to get inside, it can cause damage to insulation, wooden structures, and even the electrical wiring. If you really want to avoid having to pay more than you have to, don’t ignore the signs of leaks in your roof.



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