A Homeowner’s Guide to Furniture Restoration


Contrary to popular belief, furniture restoration is not exclusively the domain of antique pieces, as all furniture is subjected to heavy wear and tear, and rather than disposing of any furniture in need of repair, there are specialist companies that are dedicated to all types of furniture repairs and restoration. Some homeowners are very reluctant to part with the sofa or armchairs that have been part of their lives for so long, and very often, the piece is repairable.

Cabinet Makers

Master joiners are the people to talk to when thinking of restoring furniture, as not only can they create unique items from scratch, they can also replicate and repair to order. If you are based in London or the surrounding counties, and would like to know more about this unique service, Kendal Restoration are the people to talk to. With more than 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of fine furniture repairs and restorations, there isn’t a job they cannot handle, and they have considerable experience in repairing modern furniture.

Re-Upholstering Service

Upholstered furniture is very attractive, and of course, practical, and after many years of faithful service, wear and tear first becomes evident with the upholstery. Direct sunlight combined with general wear and tear makes the fabric lose its lustre, and even though the item is in otherwise first class condition, it does need a facelift. A professional upholsterer would have literally thousands of fabric samples to choose from, and by re-upholstering the piece, you can have a change of fabric design or colour, which will give the room a brighter look.

Veneer Coverings

Veneer has long been a popular material for furniture, as it provides durable protection and style in the same package. Yet veneer can be damaged in many ways, and in the event a beautiful cabinet suffered a deep scratch, a skilled joiner would be able to repair this, and any other type of damage veneered furniture has suffered.

Online Solutions

Any established furniture restoration company would have an online presence, and a Google search should land you on the right website. Once you have made contact, the company would send someone to view the furniture you wish to restore, and after some discussion, you would receive a quotation for the work. The website would have informative articles on all aspects of furniture care, and with a few “before and after” images of their work, you will have a clearer idea of what to expect.

Modern Furniture

This type of company would be very prominent in the antique circles, and would be very experienced at restoring expensive antiques, yet they can also use their skills to repair and restore modern furniture. Sofas and armchairs must withstand eternal wear and tear, and whether it is a fabric of leather finish, re-upholstering the unit will give it a new lease of life.

If your home is exactly how you like it, and aside from the obvious damage to a few select items of furniture, there is nothing you would change, then perhaps you should have those items restored to their former glory, to complete the look.


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