How to Handle Any Home Improvement Job


Every year, hundreds of people are hurt due to falling off ladders. If you are working on a simple job, a ladder might be right for you. However, a ladder offers some serious restrictions. Since they are very narrow and only feature two or three points of contact, you won’t be able to work side to side on your ladder. If you reach to your side, you could shift your body weight and actually endanger yourself since ladders tip over very easily. The only safe way to work side to side on a ladder is to climb down and move the ladder to the side. So due to the danger and the amount of extra work, ladders aren’t the best tool for every job. Scaffolding, however, is great for just about any job. Scaffolding is versatile, safe, and simple.


Scaffolding is typically a tower of metal with four or six feet on the ground. It has a platform for you to stand on. There is also space for you to put paint, a hammer, or whatever tools you need for your current job. If you are working on a job that requires you to work side to side or use a lot of tools, you need scaffolding. As stated earlier, you cannot work side to side on a ladder. If you lean to the side, you risk tipping over the ladder or just falling off the ladder entirely. Scaffolding can create access towers for any job.

Scaffolding is great because you will have more space to move around and to keep your tools on the scaffold with you. Such room means you won’t have to move the scaffolding as often just to work side to side. Scaffolding is also much safer than a ladder.


A ladder that is leaning against the side of your house has two points of contact: the ground and the side of your house. Though there are typically two feet to a ladder, they are so narrow as to be considered only one point of contact each. A scaffolding, however, has several more points of contact because it is usually wider than the average ladder. Having a wider base makes it much more stable. A scaffolding with four feet will have four points of contact, which makes it more stable, especially on unstable ground. Such stability is very useful when you are doing work on the side of your house.

The side of your house is probably not particularly stable, and is typically where people have shrubbery, flower beds, and other types of obstructions. Those obstacles make for very unstable ground. A wider scaffolding is very useful. Also, scaffolding can have wheels attached to it, which means you will be able to quickly move the scaffolding where you need it to be instead of having to lean over the edge. It’s a much more stable and much more convenient way to work.

None of that is to say ladders are not great tools; scaffolding towers are just more versatile.

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