A Guide to Buying a Quality Water Tank


Those who live in rural areas would be more likely to use an external water tank, especially in Australia, where we have traditionally stored rainwater on farms and homesteads. The amount of water you can harvest can be considerable, and if you live in a region where rainfall is a rarity, you need to maximise the collection of rain water.

Water Tank

Modern Water Tanks

Rain harvesting is a great way to reduce your need for mains water, and modern tanks are formulated to keep the water fresh for long periods. The secret to a good water tank is the lining, and by using multi-layers of reinforced polyethylene, along with fire retardant membrane, the level of protection means the water will not be contaminated. If you are based in Western Australia, there are top quality rainwater tanks in Perth that are made to last, and with all the accessories available and a wide range of tank sizes, you can buy everything you need.

Fire Emergencies

Many rural properties have a large water tank to deal with a fire, and in the hot summer, bushfires are a common occurrence. If this is one of the reasons you wish to install a water tank, make sure it is of such a standard that it can withstand high temperatures. Many suppliers have fire resistant water tanks that are certified to withstand very high temperatures, and with a fire resistant outer layer, the water tank should survive a fire unscathed. The water tank can supply your fire protection system, and the fittings can be tailored to suit existing equipment.

Professional Installation

The water tank and the system would ideally be installed by the supplier, and generally, they would require the customer to prepare the base to their specifications, and when this is completed, the water tank would be assembled on site by a team of technicians and the system would be extensively tested.

Solid Warranty

The water tank supplier should provide a good warranty, with some companies offering a conditional 20 year warranty, which gives you some added confidence, and with a professional installation and the correct maintenance, your new water tank should last for many years. If you buy from an established company and the manufacturer is well known in the industry, then your water tank should give trouble free use and ensure that you always have a ready supply of water on tap. The tank should be inspected every 5 years, when the magnesium diodes should be replaced, and most suppliers will gladly carry out the inspection.

Customised solutions are often required and with made to measure units, you can make maximum use of available space. If you would like to have an expert view your property, an online search would no doubt put you in touch with a reputable supplier in your area, and with their expert advice, you can make an informed decision. Strength and durability are of major importance and by using the best quality, your tank will last for many years.

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