Some Great Tips to Fix Dishwasher at Home


Sometimes, common household items such as dishwashers may not work due to several reasons, which can be a frustrating situation. There can be various reasons why your dishwasher isn’t draining. Repair of dishwasher is no cheap affair, therefore, it’s important that before calling a serviceman for help, you try doing it yourself. This guide will brief you how you can fix a dishwasher on your own.

How to Fix Your Dishwasher?

  • Check the Clogs

Firstly, closely check the bottom of your dishwasher, in case water accumulated at the bottom is no more than 1-2 cups, use a small container to remove that water. After that, check if any scraps, paper or food debris is accumulated. If yes, then clean the debris because those debris can be the cause of non-drainage.

  • See the Door Latch

If the door of your dishwasher is unlatched, dishwasher will surely keep on draining. Therefore, check that dishwasher’s door is latched. In case, even after making amendments, drainage problem exists, you may be required to replace the latch.

  • Check Dishwasher’s Operating Components

Component failure can also be a reason of drainage problem in the dishwasher. Key components of a dishwasher include air gap, drain line, solenoid assembly, belt, drain valve, motor and pump. The most common component, which stops working in a dishwasher is its belt.

Therefore, check if the belt has slipped off from pulley or is broken. In case it is, all you need is to replace that belt. You learn how to do it professionally by visiting websites like

Likewise, you need to check for proper functionality of other components as well. In case, you’re unable to identify components of a dishwasher, refer to the manual or call the product manufacturer for assistance.

  • Check the Drain Hose

Blocking in your drain hose can also be a reason why your dishwasher is creating problems. Therefore, check the drain hose. Usually, a drain hose lies between drain line and pump. In case there’s any kink or blockage in that hose, try removing the it. The hose of dishwasher is held by clamps. For removing the hose, you will require losing the clamps. If you can find what the problem is, get the drain hose rectified, else call a serviceman for help.

  • Check Dishwasher’s Motor

Check the motor of dishwasher to find if it’s working properly. Make sure that the dishwasher is plugged and is getting power. After plugging in, turn the dishwasher on and hear the hum. If there is sound of “hum”, it means the motor is getting power, but isn’t turning. In that case, the motor requires replacement.

  • Check the Timer

Some dishwashers have mechanical timer for operating the cycles. The mentioned timer controls main pump motor and drain solenoid. Usually, the mentioned timer is in control panel of dishwasher.

You may need a schematic and a wiring diagram for identifying the parts of timer, which control the cycle. After finding that, check for the continuity of timer using a multi-meter. In case you find that the timer isn’t working properly, you need to get it replaced. You can reach out to refer to online DIY guides for more details to rectify your dishwasher’s drainage problem.


Hope the mentioned tips will help you to resolve drainage problem in your dishwasher.

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