Some Good Advice on Cleaning Concrete Benchtops


Concrete benchtops are a sturdy, durable and long lasting surface that’s practically impossible to damage. Still, at the same time that they’re very strong, they’re still not indestructible. The concrete surface can be stained if one is not careful, so it’s of importance to tackle any kind of spills as soon as possible to help prevent stains from remaining.

Below is some advice for you to help keep your benchtop in the best of shape:

What Kind of Concrete is Your Benchtop Made From?

Benchtops can be either porous or non-porous, with the non-porous type having been coated with a sealant:

  • The important thing to keep in mind with this kind of benchtop is that although the concrete is practically indestructible, the sealer material is not and if not careful can be harmed by harsh cleaners, sharp or heavy objects, and heat.
  • Whereas porous concrete benchtops, have not been treated with any sealer. These benchtops make for the simplest to stain due to their porosity and may need more abrasive cleaning methods.
  • Your benchtop provider has hopefully given you the best advice on which are the most suitable cleaners.

Regardless of the kind of concrete benchtops that you own, it’s always important to wipe them daily and deep clean them at least once a week to maintain them. Remember, concrete benchtops in Brisbane are a big investment and you can make them looking like new for a very long time.

Cleaning Methods

  1. Soap and Warm Water

Try using a mild dishwashing liquid and the same for any type of benchtop stains. Soap and water are safe on both porous and non-porous types of concrete and for some other surfaces like granite.

  1. Laundry Detergent and Stain Remover

These are another two simple great and versatile household cleaners that can be utilised on concrete benchtops. These superb cleaners are also mild and are safe for both porous and non-porous benchtops.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide Paste

For those stubborn or aging stains, make up a paste using one or two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and wipe over until clean.

  1. PH Balanced Wipes or Concrete Specialised Cleaning Products

One of the most suitable products are PH balanced wipes, which have been made especially for concrete benchtops and are safe to be used on a daily basis. These are simple for anyone to use and are helpful for you to wipe down your benchtop after cooking food.

Make Sure to Keeping Your Benchtop Clean!

Waxing a benchtop will help to avoid tough stains and keep benchtops looking just like new. It isn’t difficult to apply wax to a benchtops and practically the same as waxing a car. The wax, then acts as a sealer preventing any stains from setting and thus make your lovely benchtop much easier to clean, and provide them with a beautiful shiny appearance.

Whatever you decide to use, keeping your concrete benchtop looking its best is crucial to maintaining its aesthetic appearance and also will protect your investment.

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