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 When searching for a pocket-friendly mattress, then foam mattress is the best to choose. Also, if you have a baby bed, then the best mattress for your baby bed is foam mattress. However, it is better to select a pure foam one as compared to other types. Usually, foam mattresses are used in prams, cots or top mattresses. They are available in different grades. Some are expensive while others are cheap. Memory foam produces the costly foam mattresses while the cheaper ones are built with cold-purse foam. However, both types are quality when it comes to usability. There are three kinds of affordable foam mattress on offer in the market. They include the Dynasty Mattress, Southerland mattress, and Nova-foam mattress. These are the top mattresses in latex and foam.

The dynast mattress is a latex top mattress. It is useful for people who heavily sweat at night and those that don’t have excellent support in bed. It allows efficient breathing of the body and heat is draining all the night. This mattress is firm and has an extra-rich backing. It has a memory foam base and also supports foam. The two brings out unusual combinations of softness and firmness. It is hard to believe! Is it? The magic of both soft firm objects. It is possible, and dynasty mattress achieves the texture. When sleeping on this mattress, you feel that you’re back supported very well. Memory foam shapes itself to curve the users back, thus relieving pressure on the back, shoulders and left the side of the body. A night on such a mattress is quite enjoyable. However, most memory foam mattresses retain heat, a significant problem for thick layered ones. However, with a dynasty mattress, the problem has been curbed. The bed stays cool that all other foam mattresses and are still affordable.

The other type of a foam mattress is Southerland mattress. It is useful when it comes to durability.     It has a cumin foam core which cannot support substantial amounts of heat from the body. It measures 90cm by 200cm. It has received reviews from the users for its hardness.

Lastly, the other foam mattress you should consider is the Novaform mattress. It is a primary form of bed. This kind is made of cut-out ducts of air to keep the heat away. Its height is 12 cm and has a quilted cover made from pure cotton. It has a water-resistant layer so don’t worry if your baby does injustice by peeing on it.

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