Get Rid of Pet Odours: Successful Carpet Cleaning


Carpet often covers the majority of a home. Carpet offers a soft feel under the feet and can be much quieter than hard floors. Families with small children may prefer the soft floors while babies learn to walk, as well. Carpet, however, requires regular maintenance to stay fresh and clean. Pets are a common part of daily life in family homes. They can contribute to odours in the home, as well. Carpet cleaning is often the best way to remove pet odours from the home.


Shedding is a major issue with dogs and cats. They often leave a trail of hair wherever they go. Those with hard floors often have to sweep daily to keep it under control. Carpets often do not show the amount of hair that has fallen to the ground. Regular vacuuming can pick up a lot of this. Some hair is often left behind or embedded in the carpet. The pet odours may stay with it. Call for carpet cleaning services in Leeds to find a solution. These positive aspects are a part of quality cleaning methods.

  • Steam cleaning
  • Extraction of hair and dirt
  • Sanitizing


Carpet often becomes discoloured after many years of use. At this point, regular vacuuming and home shampooing may not take care of the problem. There may be issues in areas where pets take their regular naps or have had accidents. Raising a puppy can be especially hard on carpet.

A professional carpet cleaning can make your home look and smell new. The pet odours can easily be taken out of your carpet. Special products are often used for homes with pets.



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