How to Get More Projects under Your Belt as a Contractor


The growth of any company is crucial for its stability. A company that isn’t going anywhere sends clear signals to their employees that their jobs aren’t going anywhere, which is either bad for our moral and for our productivity as well. Now, no market is so over-flooded that there is no growth potential inside of it whatsoever. The trick is to find your edge and tap into a new market.

This is very much true for contracting companies. It is a lot of work, finding enough projects to keep the company moving forward, and if you have hit a plateau, we are here to give you a couple of useful ideas to help you out.

Word of mouth

The most natural way of dialling up the numbers is through word of mouth, but this might be the most difficult one as well. An honest friend-to-friend (or family member) recommendation of a contractor requires you to do a very impressive job. Still, what most contractors don’t realize is that it is mostly about honesty and timing.

Most people are not very trusting when it comes to contractors and if you can prove that your assessments are on point and that you don’t want to rip them off, you will most certainly get a recommendation. Don’t forget to leave your card once the job is done, just in case they need it. Pristine customer service goes a long way and developing trust is something you need to work on actively in order to get better results. A happy customer is a returning customer.

Digital Marketing

Taking the digital road is one of the most budget friendly ways to reach out. Even though you don’t need to invest too much (especially on a monthly basis, when compared to traditional marketing) the results can be astonishingly good. Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to solidify your brand’s reputation. The basic requirements for a decent online presence come with three aspects:

Website – Your base of operation and your online equivalent to an office. Creating a decent website these days is not that complicated, nor is it expensive. Still, if you want to be visible, you will need to hire an SEO expert to help you out. Optimizing a website, especially for a small business which targets their audience locally can be very tricky, but if done properly, it can really help you reach new customers. You should rely on reviews when picking an SEO partner and can help you with this.

Blogging – Having a blog on your website gives you a way to keep your customers interested and engaged, even in times when they aren’t working with you. Furthermore, you can use your blog to establish yourself as an industry expert, new networking opportunities, and so on.

Social Media – Being active on social media can give you a big reach and a place to share your blog posts. Furthermore, you can share photographs of your finished projects that will serve as a sort of portfolio for you company. If you have a project you are particularly proud of, hire a professional to photograph it so that you can share it. Social media has a lot of potential for small businesses and you should take advantage of this potential.

Outsourcing your services

With new online job markets, you can really find a lot of new networking opportunities. If you are a small contracting team, you can always outsource to big companies that are facing a work overflow. This is, in most cases, a mutually beneficial arrangement that can even turn into long term collaboration. Getting projects done through outsourcing doesn’t require any significant investment, but it does require a good portfolio and some networking skills.

These are some ideas that may help you move forward, but keep in mind that not everything depends on your ability to find projects. A lot of it depends on your ability to finish them properly, and if the number of projects you are getting is ebbing, you need to take a good hard look at the services you provide and the quality of work you do.

Sometimes the problem isn’t of external nature; it’s within your business model. We hope we managed to help you out and may your projects never breach the schedule.

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