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When we talk about ensuring a safe water supply for residential, industrial, and commercial applications, the first thing that comes to our minds is the water purification solutions are an indispensable necessity for everyone. The RO, UF and UF systems of water purification are necessary because the untreated water might consist of harmful and dangerous levels of contaminants like heavy metals, minerals, viruses, bacteria, etc that can be injurious to health. Therefore, such water may be unsafe for consumption or use.

For informed buying decisions regarding the water purification system for residential, commercial, and industrial uses, one can ask for Eureka Forbes customer care Kolkata and further the following guide will explain the differences between the water purification systems and its popular applications. From this discussion, it will become clear that there is no one size that fits all solution, and being a buyer’s one need to consider a number of different variables in order to find the ideal situation for their multiple needs.

  • Ultraviolet water purification- One of the most eco-friendly and chemical free processes that is highly effective in treating water is UV purifiers. Such purifiers have the ability to eradicate the illness that is caused by microorganisms such as bacteria like E. coli, viruses, and protozoa that are resistant to chlorine. The UV water treatment has no drawback as such but talking about treating microorganisms, these might not be able to filter out contaminants like heavy metals, arsenic, calcium, chloride, or magnesium. It means that UV water treatment equipment is not a comprehensive solution and must therefore, be used with other powerful filtration equipment to achieve the intended goal.
  • Reverse Osmosis treatment- This is one of the most highly effective treatment for purifying water. The RO system is highly suitable for wide variety of applications in residential, commercial and industrial segments. This technology possesses the technique that can effectively filter out the smallest contaminants, particularly those that have been dissolved in water. It has the smallest membrane pore sizes i.e. the semi permeable membrane which helps in blocking the impurities and flowing only the clean water out for drinking.

Understanding about which filtration system will suit best for your house, one needs to analyze the impurities so present in the water. After factoring into the pros and cons about the impurities and ways to get rid of such impurities, one can ask for Eureka Forbes customer care Kolkata as their experts will help you better to make the final selection. They have their team of technicians that come and give a demo at your place making you feel the difference in taste and odor of the water bother before and after purification. The water purification systems are a must to have as there are many life-threatening diseases that can be caused due to drinking of contaminated water. This is the reason that why buyers need to be deliberate and purposeful in choosing the right water purification in consultation with a person who is well-informed about the procedure and functioning of the water purification of the units available in the market.

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