Why A Floor Made Of Vinyl Is Better Than A Floor Made Of Wood


Renovating the floors throughout the house brings up one very important question: which material is the best one to use?

  • Many homeowners find that they narrow down their choices to vinyl and wood because these are two very popular materials.
  • Weigh up the options and then come to a final decision.

In many ways, vinyl is a better choice than wood because it is softer and does not retain any water at all.

This Material Is Extremely Easy To Wipe Clean

Cleaning the house is a chore that needs to be quick and convenient for the person who is doing the job on a regular basis. Instead of installing a wooden floor, buy a vinyl floor that is easy to clean. Wiping and mopping this kind of floor only takes a few minutes until it is spotlessly clean.

Chemical and cleaning fluid does not have an adverse effect on this type of floor. Wooden floors are not so easy to clean.

It Is Comfortable To Walk On Barefoot

Household vinyl flooring in Sunshine Coast needs to be comfortable to walk on barefoot because lots of people do not like to wear socks when they come inside the house. Vinyl is a very smooth material and it is perfect for bare feet. Everyone in the family enjoys walking on this kind of material.

Wood is not so ideal for bare feet, so don’t install it in places like the hallway and the dining room.

Vinyl Does Not Leave Any Splinters

Due to the synthetic nature of this material, there are no splinters at all. Feet are protected by this smooth type of material, and there is no chance that they are going to be damaged at all.

Vinyl Does Not Make A Squeaking Noise When People Are Walking

Noise is an important consideration when new flooring is being installed in the house. Select a material which does not squeak when it is walked upon. Vinyl does not make a sound when people walk on it, so nobody wakes up in the middle of the night.

Which Rooms Benefit From This Flooring?

Think about the rooms that need to have some brand new flooring. Vinyl suits some rooms better than others.

One of the main reasons why this flooring is installed is the fact that food can be mopped and wiped up. Install the vinyl in the kitchen and the dining room.

Vinyl is also a good floor for the bathroom or the wet room. The floor resists water so that it can be mopped up or it will evaporate. Wood retains stains and also reacts badly to water.

Hallways can also be decked out with vinyl because this creates a good impression on whoever walks through the front door.

Make sure that the floor is swept and mopped on a very regular basis so that it is presentable and hygienic at all times.

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