The Finest in Garage Doors: Now Available


Fortunately, a garage door in the 21st century is far removed from the garage doors of several decades ago. At one time, these doors were heavy, made of thick wood, and were available in two common designs. One type of garage door was one-piece and raised manually, which meant that the bottom end of the door would swing out part of the way into the drive.

Another type of garage door had several sections, hinged so that two halves folded somewhat as an accordion does. This was similar to the idea used for bi-fold interior doors today; however, garage doors were heavy and made of wood, which meant regular maintenance to keep the door looking and working well.

And Now…

Garage doors are more likely to be made with composite materials, aluminium, or lightweight steel, all of which are much easier to open and close. In addition, you’ll devote much less time to maintenance (almost none) and you can call on experts for any repairs and parts replacement that might be necessary.

Work with a top garage-door supplier and in addition to Avon garage doors, you will have access to:

  • Canopy doors
  • Retractable garage doors
  • Insulated roller garage doors
  • Non-insulated roller garage doors
  • Side-hinged or swing doors
  • Sectional doors


There’s another level of convenience with new garage doors, something even beyond the long-lasting, lightweight materials. You can raise and lower your door with the push of a button with a remote operator. Drive into your garage when it’s raining or cold instead of fighting with a key or raising the door manually. Great idea!

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