Finding Equipment for a Small Farm


Running a small farm is difficult at times; it has always been difficult, but it has gotten much more difficult since the factory farms have begun to dominate the farming landscape. Factory farms have mechanised so much of the farming process that only a handful of farmers can produce incredible amounts of food. To compete with them, small farms need to have quality food at good prices.

They also need to mechanise as much of the process as possible. That means spending less time clearing brush, preparing the rows for planting, and dealing with various manual labour tasks. To do that, you need equipment; however, that equipment can be very expensive. If you don’t have the money to buy the equipment outright, you can hire it. Hiring equipment is a great way to save money.

Hiring Equipment

Hiring your farm equipment allows you to clear brush, dig trenches, and dig rows for your crops without using as much time and energy to do it. The big farms just buy the equipment but since you won’t need it all year long, that’s not viable. To reduce your business overhead, plant and machinery hire in Essex can provide you with the equipment that you need. That equipment is often simple machinery with a wide range of attachments.


Attachments to pieces of machinery will turn one item into several. One tractor with the proper attachments can move earth, dig trenches, and clear brush. So, if you need to prepare the ground for planting one season, you can use a tractor with the proper attachments to make that happen. Furthermore, you can dig post holes, move earth, and otherwise prepare your farm. Those preparations typically don’t happen multiple times a season so hiring the equipment will save you money in the short term. That will reduce the overhead and increase your profits.


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