Enhance the Looks of Your Home with a Limestone Fireplace


No one can deny the beauty and cosiness of a fireplace, but fireplaces take on a special aspect when their façade is made of limestone. Limestone is a high-quality material that is also affordable. Moreover, you are not limited to one type of limestone. Limestone comes in various colours and features veins and grains that makes it a unique stone material.

Therefore, a beautifully customised fireplace—one that is made of limestone—is a treasured installation for any home. A limestone fireplace adds a quality to a décor that speaks volumes in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, the appearance of limestone improves with time. The stone weathers over the years, giving the fireplace enhanced character.

A One-of-a-Kind Fireplace

Each fire surround made of limestone is bespoke and crafted per the customer’s preferences. Your fireplace will not be like any other stone fireplace. Why settle for a mass-produced fireplace when you can choose one that is truly unique?

Types of English Limestone

Besides the beauty that limestone fireplaces in Moreton-in-Marsh convey, the stone itself is sounder. For example, the following types of English limestone are regularly used in the crafting of fireplaces.

  • Cotswold limestone is coloured honey and therefore is almost yellow in hue. This limestone material provides a striking accent to a fireplace.
  • Portland limestone is an oft-used construction stone. The stone, which features a fine grain and is light grey, is seen in such buildings as Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace in London.
  • Great Tew ironstone is a blue-veined or brown-veined stone that has been used for hundreds of years in artisan creations in Britain.
  • Ancaster limestone is a limestone that offers a pleasant finishing touch. It is normally coloured whitish or beige. It can also denote a grey hue.
  • Bath limestone, which is cream-coloured, is recommended for all kinds of carving or building work.

Rustic yet Majestic

As you can see from the above listing, limestone is a stone that is ideal for crafting a fireplace. You simply will not want to choose another stone when you make the choice for this material. While the stone appears to be a bit rustic, it is also majestic in appearance.

An Investment That Can Be Easily Recouped

If you want to make a shrewd investment—an investment that can easily be recouped—you cannot go wrong by choosing a crafted fireplace made of limestone. In addition, limestone can replicate the look of granite or marble. You can achieve this type of effect by making sure the grain flows throughout the stone. When the stone appears this way, it conveys a marble aspect.

If you have been thinking of upgrading your fireplace or you wish to have a fireplace crafted, carefully consider the fireplace material. It can make a decided impact on your décor.

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