What Electrical Problems are the Most Common?


For any of you out there who are not aware, there happens to four common electrical problems which frequently occur, and those are intermittent power, power surges, redundant wiring, and overloaded circuits. Every one of these issues can start electrical fires and so they certainly have to be identified and seen to as soon as possible. For the professional electrician, such problems are an everyday occurrence and easy to find and correct.

Intermittent Power

  • What is known as “intermittent power” is created by a loose wiring problem.
  • To find the cause of this matter, you will have to follow the electrical cable from the unit to the plug. Look for any sign of wear or tear, fray, or wiring being exposed. Professional and trustworthy electrical services in Southampton, can handle any kind of job, big or small at an affordable price.
  • Then the electrical device should be taken apart to check the attachment point of the power to the unit. If the wiring is frayed, either try fixing it yourself or take it to a skilled electrician.

Power Surge

  • What are known as “power surges” do occur and are caused by an unexpected increase in the power supply. This then overloads the circuit and cause the electrical power to turn off and this is especially bad if you’re away for a few days and your fridge and freezer are both full! This is something which is unavoidable and there is really is no way to get around this at the consumer level. But should you believe that there may be a problem you can buy a multi socket plug bar and plug your electrical equipment into it. This will have a built in circuit to make sure that any surges which go to the power outlet are run through another circuit.

Overloaded Circuits and Redundant Wiring

  • An overloaded circuit happens if too many power outlets are using existing wiring as their point of supply. This makes problems when multiple appliances are all plugged in and using power at the very same time. The demand will then exceed the capacity and can cause a blown fuse. Warning signs to look out for include the necessity of keeping on having to reset the fuse for a particular circuit or often a flickering light.
  • Redundant wiring happens in homes where a previous owner was creating their own electrical wiring. Not all of the wiring is used, and frequently, live wires have been left without being capped or terminated. In all such cases similar to this, it’s best to let a professional electrician deal with it.

Computer Crash

  • If your computer crashes due to an electrical surge and there are problems using multiple items in the same room, these are another indication of a wiring problem. And think about it, you should get that fixed as soon as possible, because you just might lose important data.

We all need to have electricity working safe and securely around us!

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