Durable Garage Doors: Choose the Up and Over Design for Ease of Use


Garage door design and construction has changed slightly through the years, though a few basic types still dominate the industry. Of course, one of the reasons for the continued use of the most popular and functional doors is this: they still work. Manufacturers have improved the technology for operating the doors and are now using durable low-maintenance materials; however, in many ways, these products are still the reliable doors that they’ve always been.

The doors carry a name that clearly describes their method of operation – up and over. To describe this action in the most basic terms, when the door is opening, it moves up on tracks at the garage ceiling and is stored over the garage when fully opened. One way to think of this is to visualise about two-thirds of the door remaining inside the door opening and one-third extending slightly outside the opening because of the one-piece construction.

Durable and Secure

Thanks to the high-quality materials used to make these doors and the careful attention to detail during manufacture, this is a reliable door for everyday use. It’s also a design that lends itself perfectly to electric operation. When you purchase from a leading supplier of up and over doors in Wiltshire, you can be sure that you’ll get years of trouble-free use. Naturally, you’ll also benefit from the rugged construction and latching that provide a high level of security.

You can learn more about your choices when you visit the website. You’ll find that you can choose steel doors, uPVC doors that require minimal maintenance, timber doors to enhance the appearance of your home, and low-maintenance, long-lasting GRP doors. You can also talk to a representative about bespoke garage doors. They’ll take the time to discuss your specific requirements and make sure that you receive the garage door that fits your property perfectly.

As you browse the site, be sure to take some time to view the excellent images of doors provided to other valued customers. You can select from a variety of colours, one of which is sure to work with the exterior design and colour of your home. Not only will you add to the great look of your home but you’ll be taking a step toward increasing its value as well.

Easy Operation

Doors of the up and over design are easy to use and will give you no-hassle operation for the long term because of their sturdy, one-piece construction. When you talk with a member of the team to discuss the range of designs and materials, be sure to find out all you can about the two main types of mechanisms for operating the doors – canopy and retractable.

With guidance from an experienced professional, you can select one of these designs so you get the door type that fits your needs. When you work with a well-known supplier in this industry, you also have access to sectional garage doors and expert garage door repairs. Why not call today to get started? You could be enjoying your quality up and over garage door sooner than you think.

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