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Carpets are the ultimate floor accessory for any house, they add charm to the house, bring a character to it and spruce up the style a notch.  There are a variety of carpets which fit every budget, every taste and every measure.  The best way to buy a carpet is to understand the color coordination in the house with furniture, wall colors, decorative pieces, drapes and then arrive at a carpet color.  This way carpet looks put together with the other aspects of the room.

A carpet is first to be noticed, hard to place and remove and most difficult to be cleaned.  The best part is its so comfortable that kids end up playing on it, elders don’t mind sitting down on the carpet for a quick round of banter.  Since the carpet is the one which takes most of wear and tear, it’s the one which would bear the brunt of usage.  The way to increase a carpet’ life is to maintain it well which also means cleaning a carpet in a regular basis.


Steam cleaning carpet is a wonderful way to clear all the grim and bacteria.  There are professionals who do it and charge appropriately.  The process is actually very simple.  First of all, clear all the toys, articles, plastic items on the carpet.  This prepares the carpet for vacuuming.  Now plug in the electronic device and vacuum the carpet first, this clears the dry dust and particles gathered on the carpet.  Vacuuming should be done vertically and horizontally to clear all the murk gathered on the carpet.  A 90-degree angle should be observed to clear the entire surface of the carpet.  This method will clear entire carpet area.

Spot Clean Stains:

Once this is cleared, clean up the stains from the carpet.  Its important to clean these up, if not, during the steam cleaning session, these get buried and unearth themselves after a few days.  The procedure to observe is spot cleaning the stains, using a white piece of cloth.  Use the right carpet cleaning liquid to spot clear the strains, these liquids are mostly enzyme based and they will not interfere with the color or texture of the carpet.  Test the carpet cleaning liquid on a small part of carpet not on the stain to see if its removing the dye, when a cleaning liquid is removing dye, it should not be used on the stain.  This is the litmus test for the cleaning liquid.

Final Cleanse:

Now that stains are addressed, carpet is prepared for final cleansing which is steam cleansing.  Steam carpet cleaning machines operate on the same principle of pulling and pushing on the carpet, therefore one must be careful to operate it properly.  White vinegarbased cleansers are available for the purpose of steam cleaning.  A table spoon of liquid is to be mixed with a quart of very hot water and poured into the machine.

Cleaner lays down water when you push it forward and extract the water when you pull it back. The idea is to push slowly and pull back slowly in order to extract all the water, if this mechanism is not followed, water will be soaked in the carpet and it creates unhealthy grim, mold, mildew, bacteria and odors.  There is no necessity to use fresh water to rinse the carpet in this method.

The best time to clean your carpet is when it is warm outside and there is lot of sunshine.  This way carpets dry up real fast and smells great too.  Once the cleaning is completed, leave the doors and windows open for fresh air to flow and ventilation to take over.

A clean carpet create a nice ambience for pets, kids and family to enjoy.

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