How to Carry Out Steel Door Repairs


Steel is one of the best materials available to you for durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, cost-effective doors in your work environment. With the amount of tough day-to-day usage that these doors can go through, there are inevitably times in which your steel doors will need repair.

Here are a few how to’s on doing this yourself.


Dents are a common problem with steel doors, as steel is a fairly malleable metal. Steel doors are used commonly in places with a lot of foot traffic, such as hospitals and schools. Inevitably, some people will treat steel doors harsher than others, and so dents can happen.

There are steel door repair methods you can use which are cheap and quick, and will make your doors look as good as new.

Good grade fillers are available from hardware and garden stores, and it’s a simple case of applying this, sanding the area down and painting over it.

However, the best advice is to mix the filler with some water, and apply it in even layers until it’s complete. This makes sure that the filler isn’t too heavy, otherwise it may fall away from the door.

You will also need to make sure that the paint you use matches the original colour, unless you want to repaint the entire door.


If the dent goes through to the other side of the steel, this won’t be a repair that you can do. The first thing you would need to do is make the metal safe, by getting rid of sharp edges.

You can then patch the hole with a spare piece of steel – preferably by welding it. Steel is the best material to use, as it is so pliable and economical.

Be sure to do this if you are sure of the regulations at the place where the doors sit, and are confident to do this steel door repair work yourself.


Hinges can warp and lose their stability. So long as the door itself hasn’t been twisted out of frame, you can replace the hinges themselves, or weld hinge reinforcements back into the hinges, as these can break under enough force.

All you will need to do is remove the door and hinge, drill new welding holes where the reinforcement is, and fix the reinforcement back with a quick weld.

You will just need to tidy this up by sanding it and repainting, then the door can rehang. This is a common problem in places where steel doors are regularly placed under excess strain.

There are occasions in which it may not be as simple to conduct steel door repairs yourself, such as twisting of the door’s integrity so that it is out of shape in its frame.

Rust can also be a very damaging factor for steel doors, and it’s impossible to justify keeping a door that has rusted. In this case, it would be more advisable to replace this door with a galvanised steel door, or paint it yourself with zinc.

Steel door repairs can be difficult to do yourself, but hopefully this guide helps with the few occasions where it is possible,

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