Carpet Cleaning Myths


Home cleaning can be a beautiful task provided you love it. However, most people fail to balance their social life, career, and demands of the home front and as such have to hire the services of a cleaning company to handle the home cleaning needs.

However, most homeowners harbor some myths and misconceptions about their carpets and its cleaning needs. Below are some of the carpet cleaning misconceptions and myths that are common among homeowners.

Myth #1: “Cleaning Will Only Shrink My Carpet.”

Taking into consideration that the carpet serves a lot of functions including beautification, improvement of appearance, comfort and more, most homeowners share the myth that cleaning their carpets will automatically cause the material to shrink. Having a proper cleaning chemical along with the proper cleaning technique is guaranteed to keep the carpet functioning for the longest possible time. As against the popular myth, cleaning your carpet regularly will not cause it to shrink unless the carpet is left extremely wet without proper drying.

Myth #2: “I Should Wait a Few Years Before Having My New Carpet Cleaned.”

Carpet cleaning should be done as often as possible and in most cases, homeowners are advised to have a professional cleaning service company perform deep carpet cleaning service done on their home’s carpet annually. Seeing as the carpet can hide several dirt and organisms, there is the need to have it cleaned as often as possible to ensure that the home and office is 100 percent clean and does not harbor any form of microorganisms which can cause negative reactions.

Professional cleaning of the carpet will guard against issues such as shrinking, respiratory issues, allergies, skin irritation, infections and more.

Myth #3: “I Only Need to Clean the Carpet If It Has Been Stained.”

Cleaning the carpet should not only be relegated for when it is stained either with dirt, wine or dust. In most cases, carpet cleaning should be done routinely as part of the regular home cleaning routine to ensure that it is in the best possible condition to last longer and better serve its purpose.

Myth #4: “I Have My Own Machine. I Don’t Need to Hire a Professional.”

Most often than not, having your own cleaning machine may not be enough to do the right job as carpet cleaning requires expertise and detailing. It is important to hire a professional carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning company to handle all home and office cleaning needs. Your home machine may be enough to handle routine cleaning of stains however, in some cases, there is the need to use a suction power for deep cleaning.

Myth #5: “All Carpet Cleaners are the same; I Should Choose the Cheapest One”

Most often than not, when hiring a carpet cleaning company, homeowners make the mistake of hiring the least priced carpet cleaning company. However, hiring a cheap carpet cleaning company does not guarantee that you will get the best possible service. When hiring a carpet cleaning company, choose one who has a good customer service and guarantees the best quality of service. When picking a carpet cleaning company, it is recommended that you consult with family and friends who have in the past worked with reputable agencies.

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