Carpet cleaner Bissell


The goal of BISSELL company is the improvement of the ways of cleaning your home right up to elimination of microscopic irritants. For years, beginning in 1876 they have been produced the means for cleaning, for example, devices for cleaning of carpets and the products for cleaning  which are necessary to ensure the highest quality of the environment of your house.


In the middle of the XIX century, married couple Anna and Melville Bissell were the owners of a  small China shop in the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When Anna was cleaning at the end of working day, she complained all the time that it was difficult to extract sawdust stucked in the carpet. Small sawdust tenaciously held on to the carpet, and it really seemed very tedious process to sweep it.

Once Anna complained of the difficulties to Melville- her husband, who liked to make by hand. Melville invented and built a machine for carpet cleaning – he hoped that it would help to solve the problem forever.

The design of the cleaning machine for carpets of Melville Bissell was extremely successful, and rumors about it got abroad very quickly. Some time passed and people started to address Bissell with the request to sell them that wonderful cleaning machine for the carpet.

Machine BISSELL for carpet cleaning got the patent in 1876 and the first BISSELL factory was created in 1883 in Grand Rapids, Michigan,.

After the premature death of Melville Bissell in 1889 his wife Anna Bissell occupied the place of her husband and became the leader of the company. She became the first American female director.
Under energetic and progressive leadership of  BISSELL company Anna soon started to consider new ways of development and expansion of her thriving business on the production and export of carpet cleaning machines to other continents.

As time passed by, in addition to machines for carpet cleaning, the company started to produce other goods, which gave people the possibility to improve the quality of cleaning and also to save time. In 50-s of XX century BISSELL company created new cleaner and carpet shampoo, which saved time and relieved cleaning of carpets. Due to the increase of compact small apartments BISSELL company started production of practical compact vacuum cleaners, which are easy to use and storage. Finally, the BISSELL company has made public deep cleaning (earlier in this sphere supreme cleaners-professionals had reigned) releasing on market modern vacuum cleaners for deep carpet cleaning with built-in heater to ensure optimum functional qualities. BISSELL company recently bought a company Woolite Carpet and Upholstery, known for its wide range of tools for carpet cleaning. Although there is less dust in the modern world, BISSELL company looks surely in the future.

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