How Can Deal With The Fact That Your Floors Have Started To Fade?


Faded floors can happen for a variety of different reasons. When lots of people are walking on the carpet in bare feet and shoes, the floor can become scuffed and marked. Sunlight coming in through the window can also make once-colourful carpets start to become much duller.

Laminate floors can also become dull over time due to the sunlight. When they are scrubbed on a regular basis, the chemicals in cleaning fluid can cause them to become quite faded as well.

Sunlight is one of the main causes why have faded flooring in Littlehampton and your tile floors have started to lose their shine. The same thing can happen to wooden floors.

You will be relieved to know that the solutions to these problems are relatively straightforward.

Close The Curtains

  1. Close the curtains to block out excessive sunlight.
  2. You can also buy some blinds so that you can raise them easily on an overcast day.

Retile The Floor

  1. When you have noticed that the tiles have started to fade it is time to think about having the floor retiled.
  2. You can choose to have the same style as you did before or you might want to have a completely new style as part of a makeover. Tiles come in a wide variety of different colours and patterns.
  3. Once the new tiles have been put down, you will not have to worry about the floor looking faded.

Have New Laminate Put Down

  1. The old laminate that has become faded or ripped can be easily taken up by a professional company.
  2. They will give you a range of options about which new style of laminate flooring that you are going to choose. You might want to keep the old style or have something completely different.
  3. Once the new laminate flooring has been installed, you will no longer have to worry about fading.

Have New Carpets Put Down

  1. The old carpet may have become scuffed by feet and worn by the sunlight over a period of several years. You will need to make a decision about when to replace the carpet.
  2. Brand new carpet can be put down in its place, and it will look striking and full of colour.

Have New Wooden Planks Put Down

  1. Planks might get warped and faded which can make them unattractive.
  2. You need to decide whether you want to have the same style of wood put down or if you want something completely different. A new type of wood could give your house a very distinctive look.


  • Faded floors can be caused by strong sunlight.
  • Shutting the curtains will go a long way to making sure that fading is not going to occur.
  • Brand new flooring will also ensure that fading is not going to be a problem that you will worry about.
  • Carpet, laminate, tiles and wood can all be replaced after they have become faded.

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