Are Your Gutters Handling Spring Rain Well?


Spring rains are just getting started. There is much more on the horizon, so it’s time to ask yourself how your gutters are, or will, handle the spring rains.

Most gutters require seasonal maintenance at the very least. To ensure that your home is protected from the potentially devastating effects of rain water, make sure gutters are clear of leaves and debris. You may also run into the presence of treasures left behind by rodents and even bird nests.

Clogged gutters are the most common, and potentially the most damaging problem identified when inspecting gutters each spring. Large blockages cause gutters to fail. A loss of function caused by clogged gutters is bad enough, but if left unchecked, a clog causes failure as the gutters begin to leak, crack, and overflow which has the potential to create opportunities for damage to the home and foundation. You may find a prevalence of clogs near and around gutter seams. These seams, where gutter pieces are held together, are often where clogs and blockages occur.

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When performing seasonal maintenance on your gutters, note all fasteners and hangers. Fasteners can become loose during the winter, usually as a result of ice and snow. Other occurrences may cause fasteners to loosen as well, such as the presence of rodents, large pieces of debris, fallen limbs, and extremely large clogs. Hangers should be inspected for weak points, improper spacing, and missing hangers. This is important as gutters can begin to sag or, worst case scenario, fall if not properly supported by adequate materials.

Over time, seamed gutters will need repair or total replacement. When inspecting your gutters, carefully observe all seams, joints, corners, and end caps. If leaking, these areas will have to be sealed using a gutter sealant. Joints, seams, and other areas which have been sealed in the past may need to be resealed if there are signs of leaking or if splitting or cracking sealant is noted.

Premium rain gutters, such as seamless and leafless gutters are the best way to avoid the trouble and stress of seasonal maintenance and repair. All of the inspections, cleaning tasks, sealing chores, and debris removal can be a thing of the past with seamless gutter systems. Seamless gutters, such as the LeafGuard system of residential gutters, are guaranteed to never clog and require little maintenance. Adding seamless gutters protects the investment you have in your home, adds value, and should be thought of as an investment in your own peace of mind, as well as your time.

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