Aluminum: A Fundamental Choice


Among all the excellent products and services under the LIXIL banner, the products made of aluminum stand equally with all others. These products include original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, extrusion products and finely crafted windows and doors that give a building a special appearance.

It has been slightly more than five years since five leading companies from Japan merged to create LIXIL. With an eye on the combined skills and strengths of the several companies, the focus has remained on “living” and “life,” as expressed in the marketing information of the corporation. Within that broad range of housing products, building materials, doors, flooring and interior fabrics, LIXIL Tostem offers aluminum extrusion products and services that include cutting, drilling, machining, assembly and more.

Automotive and Electronic

In the automotive field, Tostem Thai products are used to create such key parts as side steps, roof rails and racks, and tonneau covers. In the electronics industry, numerous customers find the high standards of a Tostem Thai Co. Ltd. aluminum profile to be just what they are searching for. To meet specific shapes and dimensions for various clients, the company adheres to the strictest manufacturing guidelines.

These fundamental products can be used in the building industry, in machine applications and in many other applications. The extruded aluminum profile has replaced much of the steel construction formerly used in these applications. New technology in recent years has allowed crucial parts to be made from a material that is highly resistant to corrosion, unlike the steel of past years, which usually needed to be painted or otherwise coated.

In addition, new designs have allowed many key items to be used in a modular fashion, so that planning time is reduced significantly. In many situations, aluminum is the least expensive solution, making these profiles the best choice for substructure in complex designs.

Aluminum: The Basics

Industry veterans cite several key reasons why aluminum is the best choice for these applications today. First of all, there is more aluminum in the earth’s crust than any other metal. It is widely used in thousands of ways, with more than 40 million tons smelted annually. It is used in automobile bodies and parts, in aircraft, and in items as mundane as beer cans.

Not only is it abundant, but it is also very light in weight, compared to a similar amount of steel, for instance. It is quite easy to machine into specific shapes, making it ideal for producing the aluminum profile required by the industries mentioned earlier. The metal has been in use for centuries, though the modern uses date back to the 19th century. Those who have researched the history of this metal note that its uses probably number in the thousands.

Two properties of aluminum that put it at the top of the list are durability and corrosion resistance. This makes it an ideal foundation material for construction. The metal is used to produce windows, door frames, siding, gutters, garage doors, and framing structures. With careful design and testing, new uses for aluminum are being found regularly at Tostem Thai Co. Ltd.

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