Alternative Flooring Types to Consider


Every type of flooring has pros and cons. The benefits and negatives of every flooring type should be listed and considered at length before deciding on the flooring you want to install in a new home or renovation. This will help homeowners decide on the perfect flooring for every room in their home. First; however, homeowners need to know all of their options, which likely include some flooring types that they never considered in the past.

Types of Carpet to Consider

There are so many different carpets available through a design store or flooring company. The benefits of carpet are that it is easy to install, retains heat and warmth underfoot, and is comfortable for lying on the ground or playing with young children. Of course, carpet also soaks up spills and stains, which can be a huge drawback.

Somerset carpets come in numerous colours, materials, and even patterns to create the perfect home design. The material used also affects the durability and functionality of your carpet. For example, Berber carpet is made from tight weaves that are great for repelling stains and hiding foot traffic, but it can also wear quickly resulting in fading and texture changes.  Alternatively, plush carpets are designed with comfort and luxury in mind and are great in a bedroom, but less so in other living spaces with higher foot traffic.

Alternative to Carpet and Hardwood

If carpet is not the ideal flooring type, then there are water and stain repellent surfaces to consider. However, real hardwood floors are an expensive investment in the home. For families that have small children, pets, or are on a tight budget, there are other options. Laminate flooring is a great, cost-effective alternative. Laminate floors are made of synthetic materials, but designed to look like real hardwood floors. It’s a great way to get the style and design of hardwood without the higher cost and greater likelihood of damage by young ones or pets.

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