Air Conditioner Brands available at Paytm Mall


As the winters retreat and just before the entry of summers, the Indian market experiences the top players in the air conditioning industry start their promotions and advertisements. The most popular players are

  1. Indian manufacturers – Voltas, Godrej, Blue Star, Videocon, Onida
  • Japanese make – Hitachi, Daikin, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba
  • Korean – LG Electronics, Samsung,
  • Chinese -Haier

In the early 2000’s, window AC’s were much preferred. However with the advent of modern technology, the Indian market is witnessing boom in the Split AC and now the Inverter AC purchases across the country. People now prefer the energy efficient 5 star rated models and the super energy saving and environmental conscious Inverter AC’s.

Some noteworthy facts about air conditioner prices:-

  • The air conditioner prices for the foreign made appliances are more as compared to their Indian counterpart. Also the fact that higher the brand value of the company, the steeper is the price.
  • Within similar parameter, the Window AC is cheaper than the Split AC. The Inverter AC is the most expensive as on date.
  • The lower the BEE star rating, the cheaper the AC model is.

Price though is an important deciding factor one needs to look at the long run effectiveness. A spilt AC and the Inverter one may cost more but they will run longer with the one-year servicing and maintenance done on time.

Basis sale and BEE audits, the top models in the Indian markets are:

1.5 ton Window AC, 5 star

  1. Whirlpool

1.5 ton Split AC, 5 star

  1. Kenstar
  2. Llyod
  3. Whirlpool

Inverter AC 1.5 ton, 5 star rating

  1. Diakin,
  2. Godrej
  3. Sanyo
  4. Voltas

While making a decision to buy an air conditioner for the home or office, make sure to understand the cooling capacities of the respective models. The cooling capacity is an important point for evaluation as better the cooling capacities, the more effective the air conditioner is.

Another point import to note is the size of the air conditioner Vis-à-vis- the size of the room or space to be cooled by the ac.

Though the market is flooded with all types of brands, it is vital to decide to choose the brand with good customer support and after sale services.

Since most of the air conditioners are now available online at trusted sites and one can also buy from the branded showrooms and other appliance shops, one needs to be very prudent and smart in deciding that suits their requirement and also the pocket.  Our contribution to protect the environment from further damage has also to be considered. There are lots of online portals which help with comparison of prices and features with recommendations too. You can query about your requirement too and get apt answers. Also do ask your friends, colleagues and close family members for their suggestions and inputs based on their experience of using particular brands.

Finally, it’s absolutely safe to buy air conditioners from online sites and Apps. It’s easier as there are the pictures to go along with the comparatives and one can take an immediate decision.

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