Advantages Of Building Post Frame Buildings


Post frame buildings are made with engineered wood frame. Solid and large wood posts are used in making of these buildings. There is no use of steel framing, wood studs or concrete. It can have a masonry foundation. Some type of plastic barrier system may be used for high level of protection for the wood and concrete piers or posts. This type of building can be erected quickly, making it highly suitable for construction where saving time is important. There are fewer structural materials.

It can handle higher load compared to the stud wall. The interlocking design provides the construction its high strength and greater load bearing capacity with minimum use of materials. The spacing between the columns is determined after calculating roof and wind loads. It has strong steel anchor to resist wind pressure. The wall can be reinforced with the sidings. There are engineered concrete footings for the columns. Treated column anchor is used to keep the column attached securely to the concrete footing. It helps resist high wind uplift pressure and load. The bare minimum frame construction helps save money in construction materials.

A post frame building offers sufficient spacing in the large wall cavity for seamless insulation. The construction has high energy efficiency. It helps lower cooling and heating costs. An exterior facade can be used once the post frame building has been constructed. It helps strengthen the building and increase its aesthetic appeal. This type of building is used extensively in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. Post frame buildings are cost effective, low maintenance and long-lasting structure. Many companies offer lifetime paint warranty on the steel panels used for siding and roofing.

Post frame construction has many advantages over the steel and concrete buildings. Construction can be started just by leveling the building site. Advanced engineering and building geometric is used to minimize the use of materials as much as possible. The owner has complete freedom to remodel or renovate the building after the construction is complete. Its wall has almost 8” deep cavity and 8’ wide spacing between columns. There is ample spacing for continuous insulation. Additionally, the wood frames have their own high R-value and low heat conductivity property. This is an advantage over the steel frame buildings where the steel columns transfer a large amount of heat to the other side.

The labor costs to build such a construction are very low. The costs can be lowered further if continuous concrete foundation is not needed. Its main material wood costs very low compared to the brick, concrete block and steel. Frame barns are highly affordable even when the steel roofing and siding is used. The steel cladding panels can be installed quickly without high labor costs. There is great flexibility in addition to the cost effectiveness. Attractive design features like porches, steep roof pitch and overhangs can be added.

There is no need to install interior supporting walls in the building. It results in wide open large space inside the building. The columns placed eight feet apart to each other provide sufficient spacing to build extra windows and doors without any problem. This cannot be done in a stud wall. High quality exterior finishes can be applied. There is a wide range of facade options including vinyl, wood, block, EIFS and brick. All these advantages make post frame buildings very popular in applications where large storage space and low cost construction are needed.

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