A Reliable, New-Age Driveway Option with Old-Age Charm: Sizing Up Sandstone Surfacing Solutions


Selecting a fitting material for your driveway and paving features is no tea party, and this herculean decision falls into the category of being much easier said than done.

From concrete and gravel to bitumen, crushed stone, crushed basalt, brick, tar and chip, and a tremendous selection of alternative manmade amalgams, it will take a bit of work to size up your options before being able to make up your mind.

Let’s put these iterations to the side for a minute, and hone in on sandstone paving.

Sandstone – The Monolith of Modern Surfacing

Whether you have a sprawling access road that weaves through a massive estate or a relatively short driveway that serves as a landing strip for the family car, sandstone’s advantages are self-evident. Consider the following:

  • Sandstone contains a substantial quantity of quartz gems, which gives it a glistening, gleaming appearance as the sun hits it from different angles.
  • This naturally occurring material also exhibits interesting streaks and inimitable bands of colour, which come together to form an irreplaceable façade.
  • If you compare sandstone with another increasingly common solution – like block paving, for example – you’ll find that its price tag is actually quite competitive.

In addition to being opulent and sparkly, quartz is exceedingly durable and firm in the midst of daily downward force from automobiles and wild fluctuations in temperature. It won’t dip or break for many years, making it one of the most reliable driveways in Harrogate and northern England in general.

What Are You Waiting for?

Whether you’d like to instate a sandstone driveway or a bespoke quartz patio, you need to get a fix on whether sandstone is the right choice for your estate and your spending plan.

So be sure to make a requisition for a land evaluation and price quote for sandstone paving today.



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